Summer Rental

Summer’s Hot Reads–21 Books for the Beach
Men get to have midlife crises. Why not women, suggests novelist Andrews. Her 30-something women are Ellis, Julia and Dorie, pals since Catholic grade school. Ellis has just lost her job. Julie is too insecure about everything. And Dorie has been betrayed by the love of her life. Nothing a month together in a beach-house rental in North Carolina’s Outer Banks can’t cure, right? Throw in landlord Ty Bazemore and add another woman who needs a respite to the group, and find out what happens.

In need of renewal, childhood friends Ellis, Julia and Dorie are renting a beach house on the Outer Banks. Secrets are shared, a mystery woman appears, love may be in the air. Worth a visit.

Done well, a ‘beachy’ book can be perfect summer reading

Beachy locale: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Runaway story line: Thirtysomethings Ellis, Julia and Dorie — BFFs since girlhood — are all at crossroads in their lives and decide to spend a month together in an old beach house.

Mystery, conflict, quest or romantic entanglement: Ellis is attracted to the mysterious landlord; Julia is too insecure to accept her boyfriend’s love; Dorie has been betrayed by the man she loved and trusted.

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Now in their 30s, three girlhood friends head to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to unwind and reconnect.

Summery book titles and covers hit the beach
The book:Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews (St. Martins, $25.99
The jacket: Beach chairs against a white clapboard background
Beach locale: Outer Banks of North Carolina
The plot: Best friends, in their mid-30s, spend a month in an old beach house where they deal with their own problems and those of a woman on the run.
Summer sizzle factor: A month at the beach? Really? That’s a sizzling fantasy for anyone.