Catching up

Here we are–the Scribblers–posing in the library at the Weymouth Center for the Arts.
Getting away for a week to write is amazingly helpful–but coming home and catching up with all the daily stuff you ignored while you were hiding out and writing is not such fun. About the writing. I hit my goals–producing a detailed, thought-out synopsis of THE FIXER UPPER, and writing 50 kick-ass pages to get the book off to a good start. Dempsey Killebrew, my protagonist, is now a fully-formed person in my head. I know what she looks like, what she likes and dislikes. I know her parents–wait ’til you meet her mother, Lynda, who lives in L.A. and makes jewelry out of bits and pieces of the stuff she picks up off the side of the road–like broken taillights and beer can pop-tops. With the help of my writer buddies, Alex, Bren, Diane, Katy, Margaret and Sarah, I figured out what the town of Guthrie, GA. looks like. This is a huge, huge accomplishment. We are ramping up the promotion of DEEP DISH, which comes out Feb. 26, and I am going to be incredibly busy with that for the next couple months, so I really needed to have a good handle on THE FIXER UPPER. Which I do now. Tomorrow I’m off for Tybee Island, for our second annual Savannah Breeze Weekend. In the meantime, I’ve got to get together all the goodies I’m taking to Tybee to re-stock my antique booth at Seaside Sisters. In between writing stints at Weymouth Center for the Arts, I did manage to do a little junking, so I’ve got all kinds of cool stuff for Maisy’s Daisy. It’s hard to find good stuff in the winter, because this isn’t really estate sale season, and that’s usually where I find my best stock, but, after all, when the going gets junky, the junky get going.