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Hello Summer

Conley Hawkins left her family’s newspaper, The Beacon, in the rear view mirror years ago. Now, Conley is about to take a fancy new position at a New York City newspaper. That is, until she discovers that her new job is suddenly gone. Dread in her heart, Conley ends up in the last place she ever wanted to be: The Beacon. Matters come to a head after Conley witnesses a car accident that ends in the death of a local politician – a beloved war hero with a secret shady history whose death may not be exactly what it seems.

The Newcomers by Mary Kay Andrews


The Newcomer

Letty Carnahan is in trouble. She’s on the run from New York City; she has her four-year-old niece, Maya in tow, and her sister was found dead in the entry hall of her glamorous townhome. Letty believes she knows who did it: her sister’s awful, money-grubbing ex-husband, Eli Wingfield.

Letty can’t forget her sister Tara’s insistence: “if anything bad ever happens to me–It’s Eli. Promise me you’ll take Maya and run. Promise me.”

But run where? The only clue Tara has left behind is a faded magazine story about a sleepy mom-and-pop motel on Florida’s Gulf Coast.



Sunset Beach

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“Andrews has a gift for writing fascinating characters and captivating dialog.” Publishers Weekly
Sunset Beach delivers the perfect beach read you’ve been scouting for.” —BookTrib
Sunset Beach is another page-turner from the always charming Mary Kay Andrews.” —PopSugar
“Andrews’ latest annual big beach read combines mystery, family secrets, a hint of romance, and a little bit of home renovation…Andrews’ style ensures that this will be a relaxing read.” Booklist
“There is no better way to chase away winter blues than to think summer with MKA.” —Bookreporter



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Bought this faux Staffordshire lamp at a yard sale in Savannah today—for $3. Because #blueandwhite. Can’t decide if it’s tacky or no. #yardsalebloodbath #junkdilemma #junkin

Bought this faux Staffordshire lamp at a yard sale in Savannah today—for $3. Because #blueandwhite. Can’t decide if it’s tacky or no. #yardsalebloodbath #junkdilemma #junkin ...

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