From the Peabody Hotel in Memphis

The Peabody ducks have been put to bed for the night, and so have I. It was raining when I got into Memphis last night–and snowing when Iwoke up this morning. I did a television interview on WREG this morning. One of the hosts, Marybeth Conley, had actually read most of DEEP DISH! You have no idea how unusual this is with television interviewers. Generally, they have so many authors and guests coming and going, they’re doing well to get my name straight, let alone actually READ the book. Refreshing! I lolled around in my room most of the day, doing some internet stuff, then left for my signing at Davis-Kidd Booksellers. I got down to the hotel lobby just in time to see the ducks parading back down the red carpet from the fountain We had a nice crowd for this lousy weather, so thanks Memphis! Then it was back to the hotel, room service dinner, a glass of cheap chardonnay and a dial-up movie. I chose 27 DRESSES, becuz, well, I was in a chick-flick mood. But I’m sorry to say I didn’t love 27 Dresses. Mostly becuz they threw every chick-flick cliche in the book at this one–the meet cute between adorable not-so-plain Jane and adorable, cynical journalist Kevin, the sarcastic, slutty half-drunk best friend, the cliched bad bridesmaid dresses, the selfish gorgeous drop-dead blonde sister–played by a Cameron Diaz wannabe actress. We even had the hunky eco-conscious yet unbelievably clueless boss George, and the beaming, hard-working hardware-store owning Dad. I could see pieces of about ten different chick-flick movies in the past few years in this movie. And you know–it kinda pisses me off. Movie people throw together a stale casserole of a script and cast likeable actors in it, and rake in the dough. And chick-flick loving people like me watch it anyway, in the hopes that maybe, just this once, they’ll get it right. Next time, I’ll just wait til I get home and watch When Harry Met Sally. Tomorrow–on to Kansas City and Rainy Day Books.