Happy Father’s Day…and recipes!

You know what makes an awesome gift for that dad who has enough neckties, aftershave, golf doodads, and fishing tackle? A cookbook! Might I suggest my very own, THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK?

Mr. MKA, the father of my children and grandfather of the cutest grands in the world, is a fabulous cook who actually loves trying out new recipes—especially if they involve jalapenos, bourbon or seafood. Many of the recipes in THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK are ones he developed, perfected or outright stole from me—and then adapted by adding copious amounts of jalapenos, bourbon, and seafood. (Not really, but you get the point.)

Me with my dad

My own dad, however, was never much of a cook. He came from that generation that expected to sit down to a hot homemade dinner every evening, but his own cooking expertise was limited to opening a can of tomato soup or heating up jarred tamales.

My dad in his high school graduation photo

Which was okay with my mom, who was a sensational cook. Friends still speak wistfully about her chocolate pie, pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken, and carrot cake.

Since I’m finally home from the five-week-long book tour for THE HIGH TIDE CLUB, I’m already making plans for the weekend. This Father’s Day, our family, including son Andy (aka Boomerang Boy) daughter Katie and her husband Mark, along with Molly and Griffin, will gather at our house to celebrate.

I think we’ll give Tom and Mark the day off from their usual grilling chores. They can sip some Boozy Arnold Palmer Cocktails or Beergaritas while dinner is prepared. What’s on the menu? Thinking that with the swamp-like summer temperatures already enveloping us here in Atlanta we’ll do something like the make-ahead Marinated Shrimp which we can serve over salad for a complete meal. Our garden cucumbers are about to overrun the backyard, so I see the Marinated Cucumbers & Onions in our future too. And since both the dads we’re celebrating have a sweet-tooth, Katie and I might have to whip up a dessert buffet, including the kid’s favorite Trailer Trash Dessert, along with a Peach and Berry Cobbler to take advantage of those sweet Georgia peaches just turning up at our local farmer’s market.

The perfect Father’s Day menu! Get all the recipes in THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK.

And sometime during the day—probably right around the dessert course, which was always my Dad’s favorite, we’ll pause to toast and pay homage to all the good dads we’ve been fortunate enough to have known.

Cheers, y’all!

Here’s the recipe for the boozy Arnold Palmer cocktails from page 61 in THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK
The Beergaritas are featured on page 121 of THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK
The Marinated Shrimp can be found on page 62 of THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK
Flip to page 32 of THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK for the Marinated Cakes & Onions recipe
Behold the wonder of the Trailer Trash Dessert on page 12 of THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK
You can find the Peach and Berry Cobbler on page 22 of THE BEACH HOUSE COOKBOOK