Live from Galax, Va.

I’m sitting under a tent on the main street of Galax, Va. listening to old-timey bluegrass music. Galax is blessed with a wonderful independent bookstore called Chapters, and did I mention they have antiques? What a charming, quaint little town. I did some junking this morning and scored a chenille bedspread and a granitewear pan. Could have bought a lot more stuff–except I have to fly home in the morning, and Delta doesn’t like it when you try to haul too much stuff on board. I’m staying at a delightful bed and breakfast called The Doctor’s Inn. Owner Brenda Stamey is a live-wire and wonderful hostess. For breakfast this morning she fixed praline french toast, which is a Paula Deen recipe–so you know it was buttery and sweet–and delish. Tonight I’m doing an “author talk.” In the meantime, I’m enjoying the cool, green mountains of Virginia. When I get home I’ll post my photos of the goings-on here. Gotta love a festival that includes a pony ride, deep-fried candybars, and of course, music, music, music. Oh yeah. I got to hug on Clifford the Big Red Dog!