On the drive up to the mountains yesterday, I stopped at an antiques shop, where I found this sweet pottery vase with the must luscious matte glaze with a hint of pale green and drizzles of aqua, blue-violet and pink. For $8. The shop owner was having a discussion with a pal about what he’d learned from Job. He said his wife wanted to add a room onto their home for the baby. But finances were tight. So he told her, “Honey, my mama raised me and 8 other children, by herself in a house with one bedroom. We don’t need another bedroom for the baby.” But then that weekend, business at the shop was the best they’d ever had, so he was re-thinking his stance on the bedroom, because of what Job taught. Me not being a Bible scholar, I had to look it up. I’m thinking the verse must be about “If they obey and serve him, they will be blessed with prosperity.” (Paraphrased) Anyway, today I picked some of the bounty of hydrangeas outside the cottage. And I thought about that wife and her baby. I hope my puny $10 purchases will maybe buy her some little pretty for her nursery.

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