A Picnic at The Beach

It’s probably not sporting of me to whine about the cold rainy weather we’re having here in Atlanta–not when so many of you are shivering under a blanket of snow and ice–even you Texans! Like a lot of you, I’m already dreaming of summer, and the beach, and picnics. I managed to sneak away to an estate sale this morning, and I guess summer must have been on my mind when I spotted this ‘lil darlin’ hidden under the dollar table. She’s a ’60s vintage souvenir picnic basket from Acapulco.

Check out the great woven straw pineapples and coconuts–at least that’s what I think they are! I snatched her up quick, thinking she’d be perfect for picnics, or even filled with beach towels and books, at Tybee.

In the kitchen, I spied this orange Ransburg pottery bowl atop the fridge. Wouldn’t it look amazing on a white, primitive picnic-style coffee table, filled with green mangoes, bananas and pineapples? Or maybe, taken on that picnic I’m dreaming about, filled up with my grandmother’s fab potato salad? Or a delicious marinated green bean salad?

When I got my treasures home, I found a surprise tucked inside the basket–all the makings for that very picnic–a pack of unopened compartment-style paper plates, a smaller oak-splint basket, even a little white duck tablecloth and a seafoam green thermos. From shaking the thermos, I gather the glass inside is broken, but no matter that, wouldn’t it be fun to fill something like this up with icy gazpacho? And to wrap some of my mama’s fried chicken in a checked napkin in the splint basket? Mmm. Come on summer!

4 thoughts on “A Picnic at The Beach”

  1. I had the mate to that bag. It went away at one of my yard sales. Of course now I wish I still had it, thanks o you!

  2. You can get a replacement for the broken glass Thermos liner by contacting the Thermos Company. We did that for a plaid picnic set we had.

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