A Sunset Postscript

Saturday night was indeed, an engaging evening on Tybee Island. If you read my blog from Sunday, Nov. 21, you saw that Mr. Mary Kay and I chanced upon a young man intent on posing a very important question to the girl of his dreams, whose name is Dana. Tybee is small, and the internet is big, and it happens that the young man, whose name is Blake, works with our friend Carolyn, who’d invited us to share their sunset viewing that night. Carolyn shared my blog with Blake, who, it turns out, didn’t mind me sharing his happiness with my readers.

I thought you’d enjoy reading the email I received from Blake this morning:

Thank you to both you and Mr. Mary Kay for assisting me with my preparations for the evening. I wanted to let you know that you were indeed party to the best night of my life so far. She did say yes! In fact, she said, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Of course!”

Dana models the bling

Sigh. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

3 thoughts on “A Sunset Postscript”

  1. Mary Kay,
    Is there anything better than romance around the holidays? A wonderful story! My husband proposed Christmas Eve 25 years ago. It also reminds me of Blue Christmas…I started reading it again last night. It's become an annual holiday tradtion!

    I see Ad Hudler left you a comment. I often wonder if all southern authors know eachother?!

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