Back to the St. Simon’s Cottage

Okay. Spent four days on Tybee doing beach house things. And re-stocking my booth at Seaside Sisters. Thank Gawd for Susan, the Seaside Sister madam. She is a retailing genius, who can always take my crazy assortment of stuff and arrange it so that it looks luscious and appealing. I would post a photo of how yummy it looks right now, except my camera is on the fritz. If you’re in the vicinity of Tybee Island, run, don’t walk, to see the wonderfulness of it all. And buy. You should buy. Because that way, I have an excuse to go out and score more great stuff. Because I’m just a servant of the people, right? I am now down at St. Simon’s Island. People, I am here to WRITE THIS FRIGGIN’ BOOK. I am not here to junk, or to rip pages from magazines of nifty beach house ideas, or to read interior design blogs like katiedid or cote’dtexas, to name two of my favorites. September is staring me in the face, and I do not want to blow this deadline. So, here is the plan. Between tonight and tomorrow, noon, I will write 15 pages of THE FIXER-UPPER. Seriously. This is my blood oath! And if I make that goal, perhaps, I might be allowed a quick little junk fix. But then, right back to work. The goal for the week is, dare I say it? Fifty pages. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to type THE END while I’m down here. Wouldn’t that be luvverly? Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Back to the St. Simon’s Cottage”

  1. Deep breath, sunrise cup of coffee, a ray of sunshine and those 15 pages will be done. You might just get a special jump on things if Fay starts sending rain up the coast. Maybe the change of weather will be magic and drop words on you page instead of raindrops!!

    I can’t wait for The Fixxer Upper — hurry and get’r’done!

    Nancy Naigle

  2. Hurry up and finish.I can not wait for the next book. My cousin and I feel like we have been transported back to our childhood when we read your books.We both grew up in a small town in Georgia and some of the phrases really hit close to home. They have been so interesting, some we have read twice!!! Keep on writting….

  3. I will be so happy to read another book! and if its my turn to pick our book club book, I’m definitely picking this new one to redemn myself from the last book I picked that everyone hated!

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