Breeze Inn Porch

Hi. Welcome to the porch at The Breeze Inn on Tybee Island. According to informed sources, today is “Thirsty Thursday.” So I’m serving up a little ‘sumpin on the porch. The derby’s right around the corner, so we could have some mint juleps. Or maybe you’d prefer a mojito? I’ve got my blender fired up in the kitchen, so with all that lime green on the porch, maybe you’d prefer a daquiri? Or how about the yummy concoction I had recently at a Mexican restaurant in Houston–a sangria swirl frozen margarita? Don’t worry. If you get over-served, you can always borrow my new beach bike for the ride home.

7 thoughts on “Breeze Inn Porch”

  1. What time should we be there, I would like the Mexican drink. The porch is gorgeous. It looks so relaxing and you can hear the roar of the ocean. I can’t think of anything better.

  2. You were in Houston? Were you here for a signing? I never knew anything about it. I am so sad!!:(
    When are you coming back?

  3. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday, May 2 at the cottage beside Fiddler on the Creek in Tybee. I did not realize that it was my favorite author until you and Diane had left. Thanks for all of your wonderful books. I plan on taking “The Fixer Upper” with me to Italy in July!!

  4. I forgot to tell you that the porch looks so inviting and relaxing. Enjoy! I did not mean to remain anonymous regarding the meeting at Tybee 🙂

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