Confessions of a Junk Addict

Hi. My name is Mary Kay. I junk. I junk on book tour. I junk mid-week when I should be writing. I once junked on the way to my friend Don’s mom’s funeral. Also on the way back. I junked on the way to a wedding once, and was mortified when, as I snuck in the back door of the church, I bumped into the bride, just about to float down the aisle. Don’t even think about an intervention. My husband tried that once. It wasn’t pretty. And I don’t want a 12-step program either. There is no help for me.
I’ve decided to embrace my inner junker. I’m going into the biz.
YES–dear reader. I admit it. I’ve crossed over to the dark side. I’ve become a dealer. At a friend’s invitation, I’ve signed up for a teensy little space in a new antique shop opening on Tybee Island. Called SEASIDE SISTERS, the shop will specialize in “casual coastal cottage” stuff. Or, as my husband would say, chipped up, banged up, cast-off crap. NONONO. Not crap. Gorgeous stuff. I’m sharing my space with my Tybee posse, Jacky and Polly. Tuesday I piloted a 10-foot U-Haul trailer full of my accumulated crap, er, treasures, down I-75, to I-16, to Tybee. Through pouring rain. I was scared witless when I got behind the wheel of that beast, but junk will do strange things to you. When I got down here, I saw our space. Of course, Susan, the antique shop madam, er, manager, had emphasized how small our space was. She’d urged me to go larger. But no. I blithely insisted that we would go small. And I mean, it IS small. But adorable. Here’s a look at MAISY’S DAISY, which is what we are calling the booth. The inspiration, of course, is Weezie’s shop in BLUE CHRISTMAS.

SEASIDE SISTERS opens today, Saturday, Oct. 6. It’s in a pink building on the left hand side of the road as you arrive on Tybee on U.S. 80.
The other reason I’ve been down at Tybee this weekend is to have a chick weekend with Linda and Sue, two of my oldest buddies. We’ve been friends since 7th grade, believe it or not. We were in each other’s weddings even. We are staying at one of the fabulous Mermaid Cottages down here. Thursday, Sue and Linda flew in and drove out to Tybee to meet me. I heard a knock at the door and here’s what I saw when I opened it.

I’d forgotten it’s Pirate Fest weekend at Tybee. Last night we got ourselves up in our pirate gear and went over to enjoy the festivities. They had a great band, and we spent the night perfecting our pirate talk. Linda, in particular, enjoyed accosting strange men and offering to shiver their timbers.

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Junk Addict”

  1. Owww…. that painting from last weekend I liked so much is in there. Dang it, wish I could make it down there. The husband says we could go make a weekend of it and also eat at “Jerome’s Old School BBQ” (Have you eaten out there?? HOLY COW!!) Then I remind him his brother’s 50th surprise bday party is tonight.

    I hate when everything happens on one weekend. I was so pumped up about your Emory class and emailed a friend about it when I realized it’s the weekend we’re headed to Florida. Always something-

  2. Mary Kay, It was great to see you at the Tybee Pirate Fest! To see lots of photos, go to

  3. After I read your blog last Saturday, my mother and I went to an estate sale. We are practicing “Junk Addicts” and
    yard-sale-a-holics ourselves:)
    I purchased the coolest vintage dancing hula girl desk clock. Her hips sway back and forth…made me think of you!

  4. Congrats on Maisy’s Daisy — it looks absolutely wonderful! The Dark Side was not so kind to me, but I think you’ll be far more successful than I was there! (Of course, my try was in Dallas, Texas — where if it ain’t new, it ain’t worth anything — a motto/belief that I’d forgotten…)

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