Cottage Love…and Breeze Update

Shimmering Lime–maybe, maybe not?
Morning sky blue master bath, definite yes

Moonlight white dining room, yes!

Happy New Year’s Eve everybody! The MKAs are staying in the ‘hood tonight, partying with the posse. The hubbers are allegedly cooking dinner for the ladies. Mr. MKA, of course, is actually an excellent cook. At this moment he is finishing off his famous crab cake appetizers, which will be served with dollops of hot pepper jelly. He’ll cook the standing rib roast at the P’s house, while we watch the Peach (er, Chick-Fil-A) Bowl. In the meantime, here are the promised Tybee pix, both of the fabulous Dutton-Waller House, which I blogged about Monday, and the updated Breeze Inn. We finally seem to be moving right along with the beach house. The painters were almost finished with the inside when I left yesterday. The Moonlight White walls are going to be wonderful, giving this tired old house such a fresh, crisp look–like white sheets on the clothesline. PS–we actually have a clothesline in the backyard! The Morning Sky blue ceilings are sweet too, and the Shimmering Lime on the kitchen walls–well, it seems a little strong, but I think it’s growing on me. The contractors have started framing up the exterior window trim, and there’s some talk that we’ll have paint on the outside some time next week. In other news, my never-ending sink search finally hit pay dirt. I found a great white porcelain vessel sink which will drop into my washstand for Boomerang Boy’s bedroom. With it goes a cool faucet in french bronze finish. They were discontinued floor models from a plumbing place, so I got an amazing price on them. Still looking for that vintage laundry room sink. I hit two of our favorite building surplus places on Atlanta’s westside today–Atlanta Building Surplus and Midtown Surplus, both in the Howell Mill Area. (Conveniently close to my other favorite haunts, Forsyth and Lewis & Shearin Fabrics and Ballard’s Backroom) The surplus/salvage places have good stuff and great prices, but they didn’t have the right size sink, or the louvered interior shutters I need for the master bedroom. Hope to check Pinch of the Past, the great archtictural salvage place in Savannah, to see if they have what I need. We managed to save all the old louvered interior shutters when we started the demo process at the Breeze, and with some retrofitting, and some primer and white paint, they’ll work for the living room, saving me the killer cost of window treatments there. If all goes as promised, the plumber will start installing tubs, toilets, faucets and sinks on Monday, and the electrician will hang all our light fixtures, and then the floor guys, who live here in Atlanta, will head down to the beach Wednesday to do the final sand and finish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “Cottage Love…and Breeze Update”

  1. I’ve just started reading your books, and I have to say I’m sad I didn’t start reading them sooner!

  2. Thanks for your comment and reinforcement that a gal friday even for 1/2 a day would be a positive step. Love the cottage and the colors and wishing you many easy, breezy days there!

  3. I think you should water down the lime paint so that is flows better with all your other wonderful color choices.

  4. i’m thinking the same thing about the lime paint–maybe cut 25 percent with white–you know, put the cocoanut in the lime, instead of the other way around!

  5. I agree. the lime is a little loud but love the other colors. I am trying to talk my hubby into giving me a trip to Tybee with my posse for my birthday in May. The shopping sounds great and we will try to get a Mermaid Cottage. May be we’ll see you there.

  6. Bebe–you and your posse should definitely come to tybee–and book your mermaid cottage asap becuz the best cottages go quickly that time of year. i love ’em all!

  7. The Tybee house is looking great, and I love the colors! Also, I love the two surplus stores you mentioned in the Howell Mill area. By any chance have you heard of Hudgens Salvage? It’s just a bit south of the other two stores, in a pretty rough area actually (North Avenue at Northside Dr.). It’s the salvage yard of a demolition company, and they do have old enameled sinks, doors, metal fireplace surrounds, etc. Might be worth a look, but definitely bring someone with you – it’s pretty grubby and a bit spooky!

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