Eddie Ross Mon Amour Toujour

Doris and Rock

MKA and Eddie

After our fateful meeting last February, and again in August, I knew Top Design finalist and HGTV star designer Eddie Ross would be returning to me. It was instant chemistry between us–I was Doris Day to his Rock Hudson. You do remember us in LOVER COME BACK, right? Eddie will be back here in Atlanta in January, ostensibly leading another tour of the Scott’s Antique Market, but in reality he just can’t stay away from you-know-who. If you hurry, you can sign up to join him there, and at a fun event at Larson-Juhl Framing. Of course, I’ll be stalking, er, joining him at both events. Gotta make sure that hussy Kathie Lee Gifford isn’t trying to horn in on my man, just because he gussied up her house for the holidays for HGTV. Find info for the events here. And if you’re an Atlanta area blogger, do let Eddie know that too.

6 thoughts on “Eddie Ross Mon Amour Toujour”

  1. what a darling picture!!! you make a great couple.

    thanks for the comment. I did paypal too- soooo easy. thank you sooo much. i hope they can buy some of those presents!!!!!

  2. I'm sooooo mad! I love your books but I had no idea you were at Eddie's event. I'm so sorry to have missed seeing you but will be on the lookout next time!

  3. MK;

    you are really getting aggressive with MY MAN!

    well….i'll take jaithan. agreed?! fair enough?

    we had a quick intro at JCT dinner (i am the memorable one ONLY due to my late arrival)
    had no idea i had met a favored author until now. KUDO'S to you! july at scotts and our guys?

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