End of the Book Tour Trail–Almost

Pork roll–a Jersey specialty

With Cathy Blanco at Book Exchange in Marietta

Star for a night in Woodstock, GA.

Bits n’ pieces, dibs n’ dabs, odds n’ ends. Nearing the end of a very busy, very good tour. It’s so gratifying–and fun, to meet folks who love books–and better yet, like mine. So here are some highlights: Favorite sign: spotted on a storefront in Pittsburgh: GUNS AND SMOKES. Says it all, doesn’t it? Favorite moment? The day I got to hold my new granddaughter Molly. Second favorite sign? The marquee of the theatre in Rome, GA. where I gave a talk and book-signing last Friday night. Finally–my name in lights. And within a week–more lights–courtesy of Fox Tale Books in Woodstock, GA., where I was treated to a fabulous book signing birthday party. Mom and Dad woulda been so proud! Favorite new friends? The five gay men I met at dinner in Rehoboth Beach, who by way of a compliment, told me “your hair’s not that big for somebody from the South.” Favorite junk find, tie between the “NO SWIMMING, DIVING OR CRABBING FROM BRIDGE” sign found at Pleasant Point Antique Emporium, and $5 vintage straw boater found in Fairhope, AL. Favorite gift? Vintage beach snaps from Vintage Sue, or how ’bout that suitcase full of treasures from Rita and the Real Estate Barbies of Woodstock? Although I really don’t know how I’m gonna explain that pair of red thong panties (ala HISSY FIT) to Mr. Mary Kay. And I can’t forget that wonderful Breeze Inn light gifted me by Clare. Favorite meals? All the ones shared with old and new friends, like dinner in DC with Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad, late-night supper with the fabulous Laura Lippman and Marcia Talley in Baltimore, drinks with super-agent Stuart Krichevsky on the porch of The Parker House in Sea Girt, NJ, dinner with marketing maven Meg Walker and her mom Kathy in Ocean Grove (or was that Asbury Park?) summer book party chicken salad with a great party at The Book Exchange in Marietta, GA., and dinner last week with Diane from Mermaid Cottages, Susan from Seaside Sisters, Tacky Jacky and a host of other cool ladies, not to mention late supper with Patti Morrison in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Thanks everybody!

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  1. Girl, the tour sounds like a hoot! But, I'm sure you're happy it's winding down. Take some time with your granddaughter before starting the next one, no matter what your fans clamor for!

    You've had a BIG YEAR so take the rest of the summer off. XOX

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