Flipping Out

Okay, I know everybody says this–but really, I am not a FAN of reality television. Well, with the exception of watching DANCING WITH THE STARS, but really, that hardly counts. So Mr. Mary Kay was out of town Tuesday night, and I’d been seeing these previews, so I finally found the BRAVO channel on my television, and I had to suffer through the Kathy Griffin’s B-List, or whatever it is, but then……Yes…..Wait on it.
Flipping Out. http://tinyurl.com/2gqdhs. What is not to love about an obsessive-compulsive gay man flipping houses in LA? And this OCD guy, whose name is Jeff Lewis, is just so bizarro, I couldn’t stop watching. He has an executive assistant who is also a white rap artist, who looks like a Julia Louis-Dreyfus wannabe. He has a Hispanic housekeeper who reminds me of Rosario, the housekeeper on Will&Grace, several other houseboy type guys, multiple pets and multiple psychics. And he flips houses. And since I’m starting a book about a woman who flips an old house–this counts as research. What could be better? Anyway, the properties Jeff flips are much more upmarket and glam than those nasty teardowns you see people flipping on HGTV. So now my life will be worth living until the fall, when Gray’s Anatomy comes on again.

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  1. I miss Grey’s Anatomy too… and House for that matter. I’ll have to give this guy a shot b/c there is NOTHING on TV lately!

  2. Had a week long Mary Kay Andrews reading frenzy. Started with “Hissy Fit” and ended with “Little Bitty Lies”. I adored all of them. Love, love, love Weezie & BeBe & Daniel, great stories, I love books that can make me laugh, think & cry all at once. Can’t wait until “Deep Dish” comes out. Wish you’d do an “junking” junket up my way, sure would like to do lunch with you and your posse.

  3. You should try TLCs “The Real Estate Pros”!! My Dad got me hooked on these! The team is from Charleston, SC and Richard Davis the owner is a true southerner. He makes me laugh out loud all the time, I LOVE to hear him talk! (and I’m from GA) He now owns a company called Trademark Properties that are into flipping houses and just selling real estate in general. Good show! ** And other than that my only summer TV show I can’t live wihtout while I await “Greys” is “Army Wives”!! I am addicted**

  4. If you really love to watched real estate reality show, you should really take a look at “Flipping Out”. It is more than an interesting show, you’re gonna learn a lot from it and at the same time, it was very entertaining. “I love Tori on Bravo’s
    “Flipping Out”
    ! Before my husband and I got married, I consulted a psychic and – like Tori – she was right! Now, I visit psychics regularly. I hope Tori is a show regular – it is so interesting! I wonder what her next predictions will be?

  5. I have just discovered BeBe and Weezie and am looking forward to reading your other books. My house is furnished, especially my yard and dock, in early and/or late “Lakewood”….ruined my life when it closed, but do love Scotts too, and Eugenias is my next favorite place. I’ve tired of HGTV, so I’m glad to know about Flipping Out – sounds like my kind of show. Enjoyed reading all of your newsletters and all of the other “stuff” on your website. It was fun to learn that others enjoy the same things that I and my friends do. But, Greys Anatomy? Oh dear. And someone else said Army Wives? Oh, Oh dear.

  6. As a retired Navy wife, I can identify with “Army Wives”. My youngest daughter is an Army wife who never watches the show. I never miss it. I lived in Charleston for 8 years where it is filmed and keep looking for places that I recognize. And by the way, I can’t get enough of Mary Kay books, have read all twice.

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