From a hotel room in Savannah

Wow! Saturday’s Holiday Open House at Seaside Sister’s Coastal Cottage was awesome. My friend Polly Stramm did a piece about me and the shop in the Saturday Savannah Morning News, and apparantely some people read it, because we sold out of 50 copies of BLUE CHRISTMAS in about 40 minutes. I met lots of cool people, and from what I hear, we also sold some of my junk, er, priceless antiques. The only downside to the day was that I was so busy I didn’t really get a chance to junk. OK, I did hit one estate sale in my old neighborhood, Ardsley Park, but I could only stay about 15 minutes. I got a rattan trash basket for three bucks. I missed out on a really great rattan set–including a sofa, settee and an unusual rattan dining room table. Damn. But since my rental is just a puny little Mazda, I couldn’t really have picked it up anyway. But still. I hate it when other people beat me to the good stuff. My husband and son came down for the weekend too, and spent a gorgeous cool, sunny Saturday fishing. They came home with a couple trout. If you’ve never been to the Georgia coast in the fall, you’re missing a beautiful time of year. We stayed in one of the most adorable MERMAID COTTAGES. This one was called FlipFlop, and it was so cute we hated to check out. Had a great screened porch to sit and sip at the end of the day, and a fenced yard for Wyatt. We had two great dinners too, the Bamboo Room on Friday night, where the guys had grouper and mahi mahi, and on Saturday night, we ate at Sundae Cafe, which is just about my favorite restaurant on Tybee.
Yesterday morning we had a meeting to nail down some more details about my


. I think it’s going to be so much fun. Y’all come!

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  1. The very first time I ever saw the ocean was in Tybee Island. Can’t say I was too impressed with it though (the island, not the ocean). From what I’ve heard though, it sounds like Tybee has become prettier! I’ve since been to Destin, Florida and I know how pretty the ocean (and the beach) can be but I still remember Tybee!

  2. I have been meaning to read Blue Christmas for months so I went on a mission to find it. Went to 3 bookstores in Augusta and 1 in Savannah and no one had it! That was disturbing. So I ordered it the Barnes & Noble in Savannah on my last trip to Tybee. My daughter-in-law picked it up last week when she was in Savannah on business. They sent the 1st Edition which is OK because I want them both anyway. I want to see what you added. So Saturday night I went to bed early and started reading. At 1AM I was in tears. I had to stop reading for at least 10 minutes…..that whole thing about the bear. You take us from laughing to crying in the same book. Looking forward to Deep Dish. You’re the best. Keep ’em coming.

  3. I have been looking at the Mermaid Cottages site! I’ve looked at each & every cottage now, how cute are those? I showed them to hubby and it’s on our list of places to go next year. I’ve been to Jekyll, St. Simon’s, Savannah and Hilton Head, but never Tybee. He’s been there ages ago. We’re very excited and think it would be a great vacation for our family to just be together for a week or long weekend. Thanks for sharing those!!

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