From a hotel room in Washington, DC

Wow, the DEEP DISH tour is officially up and running. The launch party at Wordsmith Books in Decatur Monday night was great, like 200 people showed up to show the love. And drink. Good Lawd my peeps can drink some wine. But since wine consumption seems to be directly connected to book-buying, it’s all good. On Tuesday I did what we in the biz call “drive-by signings” at 9 bookstores in and around Atlanta, and then Tuesday night I signed at the Books-A-Million in Peachtree City, south of town. It was a great signing, and I got to see old friends and meet new fans. Then it was up at 5:15 a.m. to catch a plane to DC. I’m staying at The George Hotel, which is one of these fab Kimpton boutique hotels. The bathrobes are zebra-striped! I did make a brief junking trip to Georgetown, where I checked out my favorite charity consignment shop, Christ Child Opportunity Shop. They always have great antiques–especially good for vintage jewelry, silver, china, ect. Didn’t buy anything today, due to a tight luggage situation, but it is a wonderful place to browse and shop. Signed tonight at the Borders in White Flint Mall, and amazingly–becuz I didn’t think I had so many peeps here, people DID show up to show the love. Including two friends who’d driven two hours to see me. Then it was back to the hotel for some room service dinner and some Law and Order. Tomorrow I’m up at 5:15 again (ouch) to catch the plane to Raleigh. Really looking forward to hooking up with old friends and neighbors and the wonderful folks at Quail Ridge Books. If you’re in the Triangle area, stop by Quail Ridge around 7 and say hey.

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  1. I’m just sick about not making it to the signing last night! Life gets in the way sometimes…but bet yer sweet patootie I got my copy of Deep Dish, it’s just not signed!

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