From a motel room at Rehoboth Beach

Delaware yard sales seem more exotic!
You’ve never seen such massive hydrangeas

The sign that started my adventure

My first visit to a “northern” beach was a big success. I walked on the boardwalk here at Rehoboth Beach and bought caramel corn. I sat on a bench and watched the hordes of people enjoying a beautiful July day at the beach. I mean hordes! The signing at Browseabout Books Friday afternoon was great. Such warm, welcoming booksellers, and a fabulous store. Browseabout is huge and it sells everything; books, of course, but tons of gifts and toys and beach neccessities. Wish we had a shop like that at Tybee. Jennifer, one of the booksellers, turned me onto a new book which I can’t wait to dive into, it’s called EAST OF THE SUN, by Julia Gregson. Jennifer also tipped me that you can watch old movies on Youtube. What??? When I got back to my room Friday night I found the movie she recommended, FIRELIGHT. And yes, you have to watch it in installments, but it was well worth it. I got so engrossed I didn’t go out to dinner, just stayed in and ate my caramel corn, propped up in bed with my laptop. Such a beautiful, incredibly romantic movie. Of course, now my keyboard is unspeakably sticky…On my way to Rehoboth I almost had to slam on my brakes when I saw the above sign in the gorgeous little town of Lewes. Saturday morning I got up bright and early to go explore the town. Lewes bills itself as the first city of the first state. The town reminded me of Nantucket. I walked all over, prowling through the many quaint shops. I hit the antique fair, but didn’t buy anything. I did, however, manage to find a yard sale, where I bought an antique porcelain fish plate. Lewes is brimming over with flowers–I wonder if you have to be a gardener to live there? Even the humblest little house seems to be surrounded by blooms. And the hydrangeas–oh my! Blooms the size of a dinner platter. I had a nice lunch at a restaurant called The Buttery, and then spent the afternoon cruising around enjoying a beautiful day. Last night I had dinner at a restaurant here in Rehoboth called Lupa di Mare, in the lobby of the Rehoboth Hotel, which reminds me of a hotel in South Beach. I had a divine salad of grilled artichokes and cherry tomatoes and struck up a fun conversation with the five divine gay men at the table next to mine. Rehoboth seems to be the home office of fabulous gay men. I would have gone shopping with any one of my new friends! Today I’m off for Spring Lake and new adventures on the Jersey Shore.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods! I grew up in Lewes when it was a VERY small town. It has grown over the years. The antique show is a long standing annual sale and always quite nice. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed all of your books except "The Fixxer Upper", hope to read it soon. Come visit Southern Delaware again, the central and western areas are also beautiful.

  2. I loved northern beaches…as an Atlantic South Florida native…they were different…and the junk stores are awesome. My daughter and I found a great used book store in Connecticut when we were rambling up to Prince Edward Island.

  3. Oh Mary Kay, I met you at Browseabout Books, while on my holiday. It was our last night in Rehoboth and my Husband saw you and your books and immediately grabbed me. He knew right away that I would love your writing. I just started the book I bought in Rehoboth (Little Bitty Lies) and I love it! I can't wait to pick up the rest of them and read my summer away. So glad to have met you at my favorite beach.

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