From a motel room in Nashville

Bay Point Junior High reunion with Joe and Bruce
Now don’t forget–buy lots of books!

Me and my Nashville peeps

Hey, Nashville peeps–thanks so much for showing me the love tonight. We had a great signing for THE FIXER UPPER at Davis-Kidd Books here. I’ve been signing books at this store since I first started getting published–17 books ago, and the welcome in Nashville is always so warm and down-home. I even had a chance to catch up on two old, old friends from my hometown of St. Petersburg. I’ve known Joe since he was four and I was five, I think. Our mothers were best friends, and our older sisters were close friends too. As for Bruce, his older sister is one of my oldest, dearest friends. So we had a Bay Point Junior High reunion, right there in Davis-Kidd. I’m off to Lexington, KY. and Joseph-Beth Books in the morning–and if you Tenn-Ky. readers have any good junking suggestions for the trip up there, send ’em my way.