From a motel room in Lexington

My new best friends at Rare Bird Antiques
Mason’s Motel–a great spot for lunch

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I had a wonderful road trip from Nashville to Lexington, KY. today. I’d posted this morning that I needed a junking spot on the way, and a kind reader immediately suggested I try Goodlettsville, TN. So I dialed up the town on my trusty GPS, and low and behold, the shop she suggested there, Rare Bird, was totally worth the trip. It’s a small antique mall–and the owners specialize in old store stock–unused merchandise from out of the past. I could have stayed for hours. One booth in particular captivated me. The owner had decorated it for the 4th of July with red, white and blue. He’s also a talented folk artist. I bought a hand-made Uncle Sam figure made with vintage textiles–holding a vintage box of sparklers. Just enchanting. I’m going to put it in my booth at Seaside Sisters this weekend, but if it doesn’t sell, it’s mine! In another booth I found a great vintage black and white beach snapshot to add to my collection, and then, to top it off, I found a maroon 1920s wool one-piece bathing suit, just like the ones shown in the photo–for a great price. I would have bought lots more at Rare Bird, but I’m flying home tomorrow. Of course, that never slows me down. From the shop, I went to a nearby Goodwill store and bought a cheap used suitcase to haul my treasures home. The gals at the shop tipped me to a great lunch spot, at a mom and pop motel just down the road. Mason’s Motel looks like it was built in the ’30s–a cluster of white painted brick bungalows, with a restaurant in the middle. It looks like a place Weezie would check into. The women in the restaurant were just what you’d expect, high teased hair, and the service was as sweet as the iced tea. I had fried chicken, ‘tater salad just like my mama used to make, yummy fresh from the garden baked squash, corn muffin, and yes, I’ll admit it, coconut custard pie. Mmm, Aunt Bea! The check–including a generous tip–came to ten bucks! If you ever get to the Nashville area, a trip to Goodlettsville is totally worth it. After lunch, I drove my woozy self to Lexington. A beautiful, blue-sky day, I enjoyed seeing the bluegrass area and horse farms. Tonight’s signing at Joseph-Beth Books was a success, and as always, it was a treat meeting Kentucky fans. Tomorrow, I’ll head home just long enough to unpack and re-pack before heading off to Fairhope, AL. for a Thursday night signing at Page and Palette. Then it’s down to Tybee for my Friday signing at Seaside Sisters, and an old-fashioned fireworks fourth at the beach.

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  1. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more fixing up in the Fixer Upper…like there is in the Weezie books and Hissy Fit. But I still enjoyed it.

  2. great junking stor! makes me want to go there! once my friends dropped me off at a flea market in massachusetts and when they picked me up an hour later I had all of my treasures wrapped and packed into a $2 suitcase!

  3. If you should ever find yourself in the Lexington area again, check out the little town of Danville. They have an antique mall in an old church…big but not too big. But wait, the best part is, that if you get your timing right, you can go to lunch at the Tea Leaf in what would once have been the vestry of the church. It is (was?) run by retired schoolteachers and I swear, there isn't a waitress under the age of 65. The food is so good that the downtown businessMEN eat lunch there. It has been several years since I have been that way so I can't vouch for any recent changes. If you go east from Danville on a little old country road, you will pass (going east) a spectacular view on your right side. I think you can see all the way to Tennessee. There is absolutely NO place to pull off to take a picture. I later learned that the spectacular gap which provides the awesome view, was the result of a gas explosion. Lancaster, pronounced NOT Lan-cast-er, but LANK-a stir, and by one old geezer as LAN-chest-er, has a couple of antique places as well. No trip to the Lexington area is complete without a pilgrimage to Berea (about 40 miles south of Lexington). Lots of beautiful mountain crafts and the Daniel Boone Inn run by the Berea College hotel students. Read up on Berea College. It's inspiring. Hope this will help you on your next trip, or maybe urge you to return to that area more quickly. It is especially gorgeous in the Spring with the redbud and dogwood in bloom.

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I loooved meeting you while you were in Lexington! I looove your books and think you are fabulous! In person you were everything I hoped you be and more. I hope you return to Lexington soon for another signing. 🙂 If you do, make sure you eat at Wallace Station in Midway (about 10 minutes or so from Lexington). It's a great lunch stop in an old train station house. Also, there are a few junk stores in Midway you may want to check out. The scenery there is gorgeous…right in the middle of big 'ole horse farms.

    The Newly Wed at the Lexington KY signing.

    PS-My friend literally gasped when she received the signed copy of The Fixer Upper I got for her. Thank you!!!

  5. Mary Kay-
    I was so pleased to hear You liked my "Red, White and Blue" Booth! I am the Folk-Artist that you bought the Uncle Sam from at the "Rare Bird Antiques in Goodletsville, TN…I do All Holidays with Antique Fabrics, Trims; Hand Sewing Each Piece. Signing and Date them,with Each Season and Year are Totally Different Hand Made Items. I would love for You to look up my website and "Let's keep in Touch!" Love the new book! Jason

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