NYT Bestseller List: THE FIXER UPPER IS #13!!!

Here’s your pony, everybody! I had to take it out for a little ride, just to make sure it was safe for all you novice pony-girls and boys. It’s name is Jiffy. Do you like my jaunty hat? So much cooler than the same-ol’-same’-ol’ cowgirl hat, doncha think? Okay, here you go. Your turn.

Wow! I’m thrilled, excited, bewitched, bothered, bewildered. Thanks everybody! What? You didn’t buy multiple copies of THE FIXER UPPER yet? No worries. The stores are open late over the holiday weekend, and wouldn’t it be just extra-sweet if I could actually move UP the list next week? Don’t forget, you want to buy at a New York Times reporting bookstore, not your local likker store or swap-meet. Thanks everybody!

If you’re in the vicinity of Fairhope, Alabama tomorrow, come see me at Page and Palette.

7 thoughts on “NYT Bestseller List: THE FIXER UPPER IS #13!!!”

  1. Congratulations! It was a wonderful book and I absolutely flew through it, enjoying every page. I can't wait to read it again. Have a fun fourth at Tybee.

  2. OK, Kathy. I just finished The Fixer Upper and, boy, am I steamed! I absolutely LOVED it but, when I got to the end when Dempsey was talking to Jackson on the phone, I turned the page and – WHAT? – recipes??? Girlfriend, you just can NOT leave us MKA lovers hangin' like that!!!!!! I mean: What happens with Dempsey & Tee? What happens to Ella Kate and her cancer and all? Does Dempsey marry Tee? Does she go to work with Carter? What happens to Hodder & Licata? Lordy, Lordy, I'm gonna have a coronary just frettin' about all of it! You just absolutely HAVE TO write a sequel to this book! Please, please, please say that you will! I just HATE that ending, leaving us hanging like that! I'll be waiting to hear that you won't treat your beloved readers like this. I did pay lots of good money for my hardbound copy to help pay for your beach house, so please don't let us down. I just HAVE to know what happens to everybody in The Fixer Upper! :o)

  3. My mom and I were on the way to come see you at Page and Palette tonight and got stuck in the horrible traffic heading east to the beach. What a bummer! We are truly sad to have missed the opportunity to see you again, but hope you can make it to our area again soon!

  4. Whoa! Had to avoid reading the comment above this, looked like a spoiler. I will let NOTHING spoil the Fixer Upper for me!!

    Congratulations on number 13–may the numbers rise as the long weekend leads people to leisurely pleasures. I did my part–have my nice crisp copy right here–my only problem is that I am torn between savoring it and devouring it!

    Always a bit of a void left upon completing a MKA book. Enjoy some well deserved R and R Mary Kay, and then have fun surprising us with another great read! Thanks for being so good at what you do.

  5. Diane at Mermaid Cottages said I should write you. I am on Tybee for the first time with my kids, and had an experience involving AJs, a man and a jetski that is worthy of a novel like Savannah Breeze. pure Tybee magic….Pls. ask Diane about it or email me.

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