From a one-room library in Aberdeen, N.C.

I am on a six-day writer’s retreat with my writer pals from North Carolina, whose ranks include Margaret Maron, Sarah Shaber, Diane Chamberlain and Alex Sokoloff. We’re staying at the Weymouth Center for the Arts in the beautiful town of Southern Pines. Right now I’m sorta playing hookey, because we don’t really have internet access at the mansion that houses Weymouth. I’m working away at THE FIXER UPPER, but a girl’s gotta check her email, right? And blog, right? Anyway, I’m only four pages away from today’s ten-page quota, so I feel justified.
One of the wonderful things in this world of ours is a library. I wanted to print out the pages I’d written so far, so I went in search of a library where I could do that, so here I am at the teensy library in Aberdeen. It is an old block building, probably from around the turn of the century. But they have books and heat and internet, so it’s all good. And as I turn my head to the right, I see they even have my books–including HISSY FIT, LITTLE BITTY LIES, and SAVANNAH BLUES. So Aberdeen, NC rocks.
I drove up to Raleigh Tuesday and spent the night with my friend Beth, and we gossiped and drank wine and had a splendid time. And she let me shop in her antique shop in her basement, which is not the only reason I love Beth, but it is an incentive, you know?
Wednesday I visited my hair-dresser Roi, bought groceries at Harris-Teeter, then set off for Southern Pines and Weymouth. Of course, I had to stop in Cameron, which is on the way. Cameron is another wonderful teensy NC town–which basically consists of a bait shop and a bunch of antique shops. I scored lots of goodies at Cameron Antiques, many of which I’ll put in my booth at Maisy’s Daisy down at Tybee next week. There’s a great ’50s oil painting of a fishing boat, and a pair of radically retro ’50s lamps, and some other smalls. Next weekend is our second annual SAVANNAH BREEZE weekend at Tybee, so I want to have the booth all stocked up and full of goodies. One new thing I’ll have are Breeze Inn T-shirts. More about those later. Time to get back to work. I’m on a FIXER-UPPER roll, and I don’t want to lose my momentum.