Random bits n’ pieces

Some of you have asked to see more pix. Ok. You know who you are. You just want more cute Weezie pix. Or pix of the house. That’s fine. I’m not against decorator porn or puppy porn. So here you go. The top picture is of the master bathroom. I’ve been collecting shells for several years now, a collection that started when my younger sister Patti brought me back some amazing seashells from Belize. That prompted me to decorate our master bath with the shells. The middle two pix are of Weezie, who gets feistier by the day. And the feistier she gets, the more disapproving Wyatt gets. He reminds me of Arthur Treacher–frowning in deep disapproval at a puppy version of Paris Hilton. Only, Weezie is not nearly as slutty. Or stooopid. In one of these photos, she’s pausing from her attack on my bedroom slipper. My theory is that because my slippers are white and fluffy, kinda like her, she thinks they are her brothers–she had about four in her litter, and she is rough-housing with them. But that would disprove my theory about her intelligence. Hmm. The bottom photo is of my office, decked out for Christmas with the blue aluminum trees I found at an estate sale this summer for 15 bucks. Ok. That’s all the porn for now.

3 thoughts on “Random bits n’ pieces”

  1. Owwww, Belize does have beautiful shells. Funny you say that. We went on a cruise last year and that was my big “Belize comment”, you wouldn’t believe the whole beautiful shells EVERYWHERE. Unreal!! Loving the frequent updates, you rock! 🙂

  2. Love love love the shiney brights! My aunt found 3 whole boxes at a yard sale this past fall for about $10. The people had no clue what they had. She gave a ton of them to my mother. Mama’s aluminum tree was just breathtaking covered in all those beautiful little gems!!!

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