Full House

Boomerang Boy is back. The house he was renting was yanked out from under him. So now a box of his groceries is sitting in the dining room, along with a bin of his laundry. His dresser is on the back porch. Since his former room is now occupied by his sister and brother-in-law, he will be bunking in the upstairs guest room–for the short term, I hope. In the meantime, Wyatt let us know how he felt about all the turmoil around here by peeing on the rug in the downstairs bedroom. To ease my angst we rented a chick flick. FOOL’S GOLD. Yes, I deliberately rented a movie just so that I could stare at Matthew McConaughey’s bare chest. I’m not proud of it, but there you are. Cheap thrills. PS. The movie sucked, no surprise. Tomorrow, I plan to run away. No, really. Seriously. I’m heading for the hills–specifically to my friend Shay’s house in the North Georgia mountains. Just me and the laptop and a biiig bottle of cheap chardonnay. Fifty pages or bust!

2 thoughts on “Full House”

  1. Someone needs to work with Wyatt and let him know not to sugarcoat his feelings…..sending out the vibes for temporary boomerang status.

  2. Every time I watch Fool’s Gold I get a tan and my miserable feet are as smooth as if I’ve spent a day at the beach. ‘Fluff’ is necessary!

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