Getting Set for Summer Rental

Things are ramping up around the MKA ranch these days. My latest book, SUMMER RENTAL, comes out June 7. Yay! It’s been a two-year stretch between novels (THE FIXER-UPPER came out in 2009) and that’s a loooong time in the life of a person who writes commercial fiction. We are busily planning a fun launch party to be held at our favorite local restaurant, Feast, in Decatur, GA. on June 6, as a benefit for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. You can buy tickets here.

Also, we’ve got what I think is an especially sweet deal for all you moms (and others) who got ereaders (like a Nook, Kindle, Sony or iPad) for Mother’s Day. How’s this? For the four weeks leading up to publication of SUMMER RENTAL, you’ll be able to download one of my favorite earlier novels, HISSY FIT, for only $1.99! (It’s usually priced at $9.99)That’s less than a Big Gulp from the Toot n’ Tote, right? Let’s see, what else? Oh yes, plans are moving along for the Summer Rental book tour, which kicks off here in Atlanta on June 7, taking me to places like Mt. Pleasant, S.C., Raleigh, Fairhope, AL, Houston,Chicago, Cape Cod, the Outer Banks of North Carolina–where the book is set, the Jersey Shore (do you think Snooki reads?) Rehoboth Beach, DE, New Orleans, and finally, New York and the Romance Writers of America national conference. When I come home from the road, I’ll do a round of signings in Atlanta and Savannah. In between, I have to finish writing the next friggin’ book and turn it in so that it can be published next summer.Doesn’t sound like I’ll have much time to spend at our own Summer Rental on Tybee Island, does it?
And with all those book signings, I’ll probably have limited time for junking, which means I’m doing a good bit of pre-emptive junking these days. Just this past weekend, Mr. Mary Kay and I joined 40 neighbors on a Mother’s Day weekend golf outing to the North Georgia mountains. He golfed, I junked. That’s how we roll. Junk posse member Jinxie and I toured a flea market in Dillard, where, among all the tube socks, VHR tapes, Avon products–and scattered outbreaks of vintage, I spotted somebody selling actual headstones.

To be fair, that part of Georgia is famous for its granite quarries. But still, headstones at a flea market? I did manage to score a couple of cool old table-top pinball games–one of which is missing glass and is non-functioning, but nonetheless way cool. And Jinx found an old-timey water jug that reminded her of the one her grandmother kept in the fridge. My grandmother had one too! I guess it was a ’60s thing, but no water anywhere tasted colder or sweeter.

Leaving Dillard, we drove down to the charming town of Clayton, where we had lunch at the adorably old-timey Clayton Cafe before strolling through some antique shops.

In one shop, I bought a pair of vintage children’s water-skis, which would look awesome at a beach house, although probably not ours, since we are now officially out of wall-space at The Breeze Inn.

They are destined for my booth at Seaside Sisters. And then, in the never-say-die spirit of the weekend (our husbands played 27 holes both days)we wandered down to The Old Mill Antiques Market in Clarkesville. Here is where I made my final–(and favorite) purchase of the weekend, a vintage Nestea iced tea dispenser.

Sadly, it has a large crack in it. But the color is my favorite shade of nearly Jadeite green, and it reminds me of my late mother, who used to drink gallons of Nestea (instant)iced tea. I think Mr. Mary Kay can probably put some epoxy to keep my dispenser together, and even if it won’t technically hold water, the memories it holds will be priceless.

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  1. Does the reference to New York mean upstate New York? (I know, I know, but a girl can dream. And I could fix you up with a swell independent bookstore AND good junk!)

  2. My kids go to overnight camp in Mountain City, GA, just a hop skip and a jump from Clayton!

    And those water skis? Look JUST like the ones I used to use at summer camp! Scary!

  3. Even though I have my lovely signed Hissy Fit, I expect I need it for my nook.
    Book tour sounds great. I'll tell the cousins when you're in MP, altho this summer even more crowded with unfun stuff.
    Love the skis.
    How's Annajane?!

  4. Speaking of your summer rental on Tybee…my husband and I met you last summer while renting the Breeze Inn. He put the cute adirondack chairs from the back yard in your SUV. I was looking at the June issue of Country Living and low and behold there is a copy of your Savannah Breeze on a table on page 83!! We love the Breeze Inn and I love your books!!

  5. Mary Kay I really wish I lived closer, would love to come to your event! Plus becoming fast friends of course!

    Art by Karena

  6. Can't wait to read Summer Rental. Have read all of your books and loved every single one! I need more Weezie and BeBe adventures!! Would love to visit Tybee Island one day and spend some time at The Breeze Inn…. a girl can dream…. 🙂 Love the Iced Nestea dispenser – enjoy the memories!

  7. Hi! I found your blog through my good friend Beth Swanson's blog ( Olde Tyme Marketplace) you had left a comment there. I would love to make it to one of the book signings for Summer Rental, any chance you'll be close to Charlotte? Can't wait to get my copy!
    Love your blog!
    Junk Wild

  8. Tammy, I think the closest to Charlotte I'll get is Mt.Pleasant, S.C. next Weds. June 8, at Barnes & Noble, or Thurs. June 9 at Quail Ridge Books. Any junker is a junker friend of mine!

  9. Looking forward to the launch party on Monday in Decatur! I agree with Ellen…we need more Weezie & BeBe adventures. Oh, and I also loved Dempsey & Ella Kate from THE FIXER UPPER. I swear Ella Kate was one of my four eccentric great-aunts that lived together in the mill village house they were born in until the day they died. Oh the stories I could tell! See you Monday…


  10. I'm looking forward to the new book!!! I love your books. I just read two back-to-back (The Fixer Upper and Deep Dish). I had been saving them until I knew you had another book coming out. I made a little post about it on my blog.

  11. I love that you were here in my neck of the woods,I live in Cleveland. You are my all time favorite author and I am so excited about your new book..Got to get it asap!! Junking is my sweet addiction,too. Antique stores, yard sales, auctions… is an awesome way to find good close to your zip code auctions. I went to a local auction here in White Co called 129 auction, and bought a bird cage with stand, old round living room rug,ware house wooden cart, deacon's bench and a hugh old cupboard and a little concrete boy eating watermelon all for around $320. On the website it can show u pics of the items that they have and who the dealer is. That night the dealer was John Reinhart, who actually lives in Ohio and bring s a trailer load of junk/antique/primitives up once a month and that is all she wrote.. Lol. Thanks for all the laughs..

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