Give Me a Ringy-Dingy Tues. Afternoon

Catch me on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday June 16th at 3PM. My publisher is giving away up to 25 copies of The Fixer Upper to folks who e-mail or phone in with interview questions. Go to for more info. Who cares if you’re supposed to be at work? We’re talking free books here, sister!

5 thoughts on “Give Me a Ringy-Dingy Tues. Afternoon”

  1. I emailed them a Q for you…..

    If you could choose between a newly built cottage style home and an old cottage, which would you prefer? If the total expenditure was the same, would you rather have the new house or the old house?

  2. Mary Kay-
    Thank-you for your recent comment. I would love to read your forth coming book. I shall contact you as to where to send.
    I had a good (nasal) laugh over the ringy-dingy –

  3. That does sound incredibly tempting! I have been listening to Blue Christmas (I got it as an audio book from and have found it absolutely delightful. I would be thrilled to get to read The Fixer Upper too!

  4. Oh no, I really did leave a question for you, but I don't think I typed it in the correct place! And I really wanted to be entered in your drawing. Thanks for continuing to write great books! We love them to pieces.

  5. Mary Kay – you were fabulous on Blog Talk Radio last week! Thanks to an ARC I'm in the middle of reading The Fixer Upper and I am LOVING it just as I knew I would. I'll be posting my review on my book blog later this week! All the best to you!

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