I looked up and discovered that April had arrived–and along with it Easter. We spent the Easter weekend at Tybee, although not at the Breeze Inn, because by the time I realized Easter was coming up, our house was already rented! But the important thing was that we spent the weekend with our family, Katie, Mark and Molly, and Andy, otherwise known as Boomerang Boy. After a hard, cold winter on Tybee, we finally got a stretch of beautiful, sunny weather. The boys were able to get out on the boat and do a little fishing, and we all took long strolls and bike rides. Unfortunately, Molly, who is now 9 months old, was under the weather–cutting four teeth and with a nasty cold and cough that sounds like she’s been smoking Camels for years. So we didn’t get any beach time, because snot and drool really don’t mix well with sand. Today we had Easter lunch here at the cottage we were renting. Baked ham, Mr. Mary Kay’s fabulous lamb chops with cherry balsamic glaze, the Barefoot Contessa’s green, green spring vegetables, herbed new potatoes, and, of course, devilled eggs. Our friend Diane, of Mermaid Cottages, contributed not one, but two, desserts–apple cake with cream cheese frosting, and coconut cake. Our friends Ron and Leuveda joined us too, bringing a great goat cheese appetizer. And Jimmy and Susan took time off from running Seaside Sisters and Seaside Sweets, to stop by for lunch. The children left to drive back to Atlanta and Charlotte, and Mr. MK and I took a bike ride around the island. I even managed to sneak in a nap before heading over to the Kellehers for a second Easter meal. Yikes! Gotta take some brisk walks to work off some of these desserts. Hoping your Easter was as blessed with family, friends and food as ours was.

5 thoughts on “Hippity-Hoppity”

  1. omg!! that is tooo precious!!!

    thanks for your great comment. One day I am going to come visit there. It looks sooo wonderful!!!


  2. How incredibly darling is this little doll!

    I just had dinner and somehow I am hungry all over again for everything you described here!

  3. Omgoodness…:) So sweet!!! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme…I want to personally invite you to visit my blog and enter my awesome giveaway…Hope to see you there! Meme

  4. I would like to have the receipe for the lamb chop dish. Would you be willing to share? When I bought my lamb for Easter I bought extra to freeze. So far we have had an Irish stew and a receipe that called for pork that I substituted with lamb but a new receipe is always welcome and this one made my mouth water just reading "lamb chops with cherry balsamic glaze". Thanks. Jennifer

  5. We were in Tybee for spring break and had a blast. It was our first trip and we loved it. Thought I saw you in Sundae Cafe on Saturday night. We hope to vist Tybee again soon.

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