Holiday giveaway winner

Becky 0525–come on down! You’re the big winner of the holiday giveaway. The crackerjack MaryKayAndrews Global Industries Staff conducted a scientific computerized random drawing to determine the numerical superiority of your entry. (Ok, actually my son-in-law picked your number, while watching football yesterday,) Anyhow, the staff will mail off your book as soon as you email me your snailmail address at [email protected] . Today would be good, because the staff, namely Grace, only works for me on Mondays. In the meantime, keep watching this space for another cool holiday giveaway. Also, for some cool random holiday pix.

2 thoughts on “Holiday giveaway winner”

  1. Thank you, Thank you, and thanks to all the little people who helped me win this award. Oh, Wrong award. Anyway, thanks. I love your books and the blog. I too feel like a stalker sometimes because I have to find out what you said before I can start my day.

  2. Hey, that’s my mom. You go girlfriend, congratulations

    My mother sent me this blog and I found my self reading all the past posts. Way funny, I have read all of your books, as a matter of fact my mother calls me and ask “did I lend you so and so By Mary Kay Andrews” I usually answer “yes I’ve got it.” We share alot. I hope to read all your future post too.

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