Junk Love

On Friday and Saturday, I finally got to do a little junking. Jinxie and I were the sole posse members available for the hunt, but we went in style. Our first stop was for a sale promoted as “Fabulous Gays and Fashionistas”. #[email protected]&!!! We were so there. But no. Tragically it rained like a mofo on Friday, and the Gay/Fashionista apparently did not want to get their designer goods ruined, so they posted a tiny little note on the door saying, essentially, like, later. On we went to what we thought was a sale run by our favorite estate sale pro, Vicki Taratoot. But as soon as we walked in, we smelled a rat. Wait. No. That wasn’t a rat. It was eau de urine. There was tons of stuff, yes, but it was all hideously, laughably over-priced. We’re talking $35 for a ’40s luncheon cloth–and not even a pristine, original label tablecloth. $95 for a skanky chenille bedspread. Huh? We looked around and realized we were at the wrong sale, so we high-tailed it outta there. In another block, we found Vicki’s sale. Big relief. Jinx bought a great maple dresser for $50, but all I scored was a set of cutie-pie cocktail napkins and a couple kitchen things. The next day, we vowed to go back to the Gay/Fashionista sale. Sadly, this was a case of ad copy being better than the actual goods. The Fashionista was a size zero, and anyway, we weren’t really in the market for badly-done bootleg Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags for $45. On we went to a sale advertised on Craigslist as Attack of the Killer Yard-Sale. Finally, I hit paydirt. Or should I say, cat-dirt. I got some good stuff, like this lady-head vase. I’m not an expert by any means, but I think it could be Napco. Note the pearl earrings and necklace and the brush fake eyelashes.

And this fab retro lime green swordfish dish. We kinda have a fishing theme going in the living room at The Breeze Inn, but do I really need one more green thing?


And this cool pretzel bamboo lamp table. Who doesn’t love retro bamboo?

And this unusal chenille bedspread with red on white candlewicking. It had some inkspots. And it, like everything else in the yard, smelled like a catbox. But I’ve treated it to three washings of Oxy-clean, and it’s now daisy-fresh. And most, if not all of the inkspots are gone.

All of it will soon be headed down to my space on Seaside Sisters. Because I am all about sharing the junk love.

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