Lakewood 400 Antique Market Signing Next Weekend

Okay, how’s this for one-stop shopping? Next Saturday, March 21, I’ll be signing copies of the new paperback of DEEP DISH at the Lakewood 400 Antique Market in Cumming, Georgia from 1-3 p.m. You can junk and catch up with me (and buy books) in one sweet trip. All you folks in North Georgia who’ve been complaining that I never get up to your neck of the woods can now cruise on over to say hey. And junk. And buy books. We’ll even have a drawing for a big, beautiful basket of autographed MKA books. Hey, Mother’s Day is coming. All this because I was cruising around the blogosphere recently and came across the blog of Lulu and Lauri, two adorable dealers from Lakewood who call themselves 2chippys. Love their junk and their sassy style. The rest is history. Mark it on you calendar and see y’all next Saturday. For those of you who are still missing the old, dearly beloved Lakewood Antique Market that used to be at the Atlanta Fairgrounds on the southside of town, Lakewood 400 is run by the same friendly folks. Lakewood 400 is at 1321 Atlanta Highway, one mile north of exit 13 of Georgia 400. In the meantime, this morning I’m headed over to Scott’s Antique Market. I haven’t been out there since I met up with Eddie Ross , way back in January, so I’ve gotta satisfy my junkin’ jones.

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  1. I miss the old Lakewood as well, we sat up there for 5 years before it closed down! You are going to have a blast with the 2chippys, they are the best!

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