On the publicity trail…again

The photo is blurry–kinda like my eyes were when I got up at 6 a.m. today, but this is me with singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins. We met this morning,when we were both hanging around the green room at Good Day Atlanta, on WAGA-Fox-5. Shawn is eating a piece of the tomato soup chocolate cake I brought to the show, to publicize DEEP DISH. I am just trying to keep my eyes propped open. Mornings are not my good thing. Cake is one of my good things, and this one is a treat. As part of the plot of DEEP DISH, Gina, the protagonist, makes a tomato soup chocolate cake. The recipe is one I gleaned from some old church cookbooks, those old, spiral-bound ones that everybody’s mom or grandmother contributed to in the South. Because I’ve been buzzing all over the country on book tour, there was no time for me to do any baking. Fortunately, we have a great new bakery in our neighborhood, called Sweet n’ Sinful, and the lovely Layne Lee, who owns the bakery and is a culinary school whizkid, took my recipe and whipped up the cake. Last week’s tour went great–except for the very last event, which was seemingly just not meant to be. I got up at 6 a.m. on Saturday, ready to brave the elements–and the forecast 3.5 inches of snow that was supposed to accumulate, for the drive to Greenwood, Miss.–and Turnrow Books.
We had a very cool event planned at Turnrow, in coopertion with the Viking appliance people, who are headquartered in Greenwood. They were going to have a chef demonstrate the tomato soup chocolate cake, and I was going to talk about DEEP DISH, and it would have been fabulous.
Except. My rental car conked. On an exit ramp, just off I-20 outside Jackson, Miss. It was truly terrifying, sitting in that car with 18-wheelers whizzing by at 80 mph. Finally, a tow-truck driver who looked like he’d been an extra for the movie DELIVERANCE showed up and towed me and the rental to the Jackson airport. The travel gods were working in my favor, and I managed to get on a Delta jet back to Atlanta–the last one of the day. Back at the ranch, Mr. Mary Kay had whomped up a little surprise party with a few close friends to celebrate my New York Times list-dom. He’d bought orchids and wine and snacks, and Stuart, the best damn agent in the world, had sent a gorgeous flower bouquet, and my alleged friends did their very best to keep me from getting the big head. It was lovely. And Sunday, the posse–all five of us, got to go to the Scott’s Antique Market. We all scored some great finds. Tonight, should you be in the vicinity of the Border’s Books in Snellville, GA., I’d be pleased if you’d join us for some fun. Also, tomorrow night, I’ll be at the Decatur Library for a book talk and signing. Y’all come!

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  1. Nothing to do with your post, BUT.. I just finished “Deep Dish”. I finally got it back from my Momma and read it last night and today!! I know that people all over the US love your books, but how much do we who live in Georgia relate?? Oh my stars & garters!

    A reference to a King James Bible & Eugenia Price novels by Momma’s bedside, fantastic! There is a Seadoo SET Ski reference too, was that a typo or am I out of the Jet Ski loop? Oh and pure piggy pleasure from pork skins is great!

    I read the first few pages of the book with Paula Deen’s voice reading Reggie’s lines. Then when I met Tate and he was serious Matthew McConaughey to me, I had to let the Paula Deen picture in my head go. LOL- I see this as a movie and he is for sure the one who has to play Tate!!

    Love it, love it, love it!! Your new books are always as great as your previous ones! My Momma says “why can’t there be other authors out there who write like that?” Keep ’em comin’!

  2. Hey Mary Kay! We are still talking about how much fun we had at Tybee in January! I finally got my trophy from Lind O. I love it! It reminds me of what a great time we had that night! I have not had the chance to read Deep Dish yet but I ordered it from Dog Ear books in Madison and I’ll pick it up when our group comes to the book signing there on April 5th! You need to plan a shopping trip to Milledgeville for a day of “Junking”! We have a bunch of great antique stores here! Did you get your jacket? See you soon!
    (Ms. Savannah Breeze 1st runner up)

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