Pirate Fest @ Tybee….AAARGH Mateys!

Later today we’re off for Tybee Island and the infamous Pirate’s Fest. If you’re not doin’ anything this weekend–come on down! The Marshall Tucker Band is playing at the Friday night free street dance, and I guarantee, it’ll make you forget about elections, Wall Street woes, bungling bankers and mortgage meltdowns. Where else can thousands of middle-aged men get away with dressing up like Captain Jack Sparrow? Our friends Linda and Cliff from Ft. Lauderdale are joining us for the weekend. Linda and our other jr. high buddy Sue joined us for my first Pirate’s Fest last year, and we’re still laughing about all the crazy hi-jinks we participated in. We’re staying at another cute Mermaid Cottage house. This time it’s Nora’s Place. We’re also checking up on the progress at Breeze Inn, our in-progress beach house.
See you at Doc’s Bar?

1 thought on “Pirate Fest @ Tybee….AAARGH Mateys!”

  1. omg-did I see you at Doc's Bar? Had to take shelter there! Too bad weather this year & bands not able to play.Bought the 'Breeze Inn' T-shirts!we found @ a little shop.
    It was our 2nd year there-Tybee is the best!

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