Remember me?

Tybee yard sale score–slipcovered armchairs–3 for $40!

Framed kiddie bathing suits from the 1950s

Flea market letters spell out the locale on Breeze Inn porch

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Readers, including Tybee Ron, have chastised me because I’ve been neglecting to blog. So I’m back with exciting news. Next weekend, The Breeze Inn–and its owners, are going to be photographed for BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS magazine. Which meant that Mr. Mary Kay and I took a quick trip down to Tybee this past weekend to do a little fluffing. Boomerang Boy and his oldest buddy, Michael, joined us. I had pictures to hang, and stuff to arrange, and the boys wanted to go out fishing, which they did. They brought back a nice mess of spotted trout. And I did some hunting. Junk hunting, that is. My junk buddy Tacky Jacky called Friday night to alert me to the fact that she’d seen a Craigslist ad for a sale just a couple blocks from the Breeze Inn. Saturday morning I hopped on my beach bike and cruised over to the sale. Jackpot! I snagged a sweet antique twin bed–for five bucks! Also a mission oak desk–for next to nothing, along with a $2 mirror. I ran home to get Mr. Mary Kay and his truck, to pick up my stuff, and when we got back to the sale a few minutes later, the woman running the sale had uncovered more good stuff–including three slipcovered armchairs–for $40. How could I turn down a deal like that? By 9 a.m. I’d positioned two of my chairs in the dining room at The Breeze Inn, and the third was loaded up to bring home to Katie. Jacky and I did a little more junking around Savannah. I scored a repro Jadite covered casserole at the Union Mission thrift shop, and she scooped up some cookbooks, but mostly, we just laughed and caught up with each other. Saturday afternoon, Mr. Mary Kay and I did our fluffing. We hung up the adorable matted and framed 1950s children’s bathing suits (a gift from posse members Jinxie and Shay) in the stairhall, where I’ve been arranging all my vintage black and white beach photos. And on the screened porch, we hung the old sign letters I’d found in June at the Scott’s Antique Market. My husband also hung the beautiful original pastel painting that was a birthday gift to me from my friend Diane of Mermaid Cottages. Wish I’d taken a picture of the painting, it shows a pigtailed little girl running down a sandy path to the beach. Diane says this is what our Molly will look like in only a few years. I’ll be sure and get a picture when we’re down next weekend. And I promise not to take so long between blog posts.

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  1. Oh my gosh….I'm SO excited to find your blog! I read Breeze Inn last year and it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE book. I loved the premise and SO enjoyed the story, entertwined with your love of "flea markets/garage sales/estate sales". I was sad when it ended. My dream job would be to assist in creating a fun and funky place like the Breeze Inn. In fact, you're the reason I
    started looking at blogs and then created my own.
    I follow Lime in the Coconut Blog and saw your comment. Serendipity….I can't believe I found your blog! Sweeeeet!

    Hugs from Houston!

    I'm currently reading Deep Dish. As expected…it's awesome.

  2. LOVE all of your finds! They look perfect in your little cottage!

    Congrats on the BH&G spread…I'll be looking for it!

    Welcome back!

  3. I guess I'll have to renew my subscription to BHG. Enjoyed meeting you in Madison and loved the Fixer Upper. I also missed your bloggin but i'm sure that you had some catching up to do with Miss Molly after all your traveling.

  4. Hi Kathy….so cool to find you have a blog…my neighbor sent me the link…We always used to come to your book signings in Marietta…way back when…I just bought your newest and can;t wait to start reading it…if I can get off the blogs!! your beachhome is adorable…I especially love the framed old 1950's kids bathing suits…So so cute…So happy to now be able to read about your real life goings on….Sue writing from the Rue-Mouffetard in Marietta

  5. Glad to see you back…enjoying the grandbaby? It was a thrill for me to meet you at Chester Co. Bookstore in PA. Still reading from the library…so glad you went with "Andrews" so that I could grab you off the shelf.


  6. I'm so happy you're back!! I was in withdrawl!!
    The Breeze Inn looks great! I guess I'll be renewing my subscription to BHG.
    Have fun with that adorable grandgirl. 🙂

  7. Your books are great fun. I love the way you add in the thrifting, decorating, antiquing etc. The pictures you have posted are great also, I love your decorating style. I too am a yard sale, thrift store, auction " Junkie ". Thanks for the entertainment….Gina Eakins / Harrells, N.C.

    P.S. I lived in Richmond Hill Ga. for 14 yrs. my high school days !

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