Signing Alert: Southeastern Flower Show Atlanta

Tomorrow, I’ll be a thorn amonsgt the roses, er, camellias, when I sign books at the Southeastern Flower Show. Catch me from 2-4 p.m. Thursday at the Eagle Eye Bookstore on the floor of the show, which is being held this year at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Marietta. Yes, I know. Stop that giggling. I have about as much business at a flower show as a pig at a beauty shop, but hey, I love flowers. I love gardens. I would love gardening, but every time I step into my yard mosquitoes swarm my lily-white Irish flesh. And I get backaches. Anyway, they asked, and everybody knows I’ll just about show up for the opening of a phonebook. So come out to the flower show and check out the gorgeous displays and helpful lectures, and then wander over to the bookstore and I’ll sign your books. Hell, I’ll even sign garden books.