Breeze Inn Sneak Peek

The Breeze Inn–Almost there!
Master bedroom–with $10 Baptist yard sale bed

Katie and Mark’s room–$10 Episcopal thrift shop headboard

Andy’s room–$50 Craigslist twin beds
I finally dragged my whipped butt home Friday afternoon. Or should I say Katie dragged it home, becuz I have come down with a case of the crud and she had to drive us home. Still, I feel like we really are in the home-stretch now. After a series of mind-boggling hitches, we finally got our certificate of occupancy on the Tybee cottage Friday morning. What kind of hitches, you ask? Let’s see. On Tuesday, I decided to run a load of linens in my newly-delivered washing machine. The next thing I know, a large puddle of water is spreading on my newly finished heart-pine floors. An SOS to Billy the plumber brought the news that there was a leak behind the wall. Oh yeah, the recently painted, plank wall. Washer and dryer pushed aside, wall ripped up, where we discover that a nail had been driven through the PVC water line. Oy. (Is it okay for Catholics to say oy? gotta check that.) New pipe installed, wall nailed back in place. We’re ready for the inspectors, who pass us on all the mechanical systems, but are gazing suspicously at the brand new windows. Are these hurricane impact-rated? We all look at each other and scratch our heads. We know they’re energy efficient, but impact-rated? A call to the building supply that sold us the windows revealed that they are NOT impact-rated. This means that to get our CO we will have to order sheets of plywood and have each one cut to the size of the windows and labelled, and then call the inspectors back. And did I mention that my antique schoolhouse lamp globe got dropped and busted? Oy. (I’m giving myself permission to use it.) In the meantime, there was plenty to do. I attacked the kitchen sink with a can of Bar Keeper’s Friend and got out most of the rust stains. I set up my kitchen. Katie, the organizational genius, fine-tuned it. With the genius help of Jane Coslick we set up the beds in the bedrooms, hung curtains, put down rugs, made up beds, arranged furniture, took up rugs that weren’t working, removed the furniture that was too big. See, I have a thing with numbers. They make me cross-eyed. I’m number dyslexic, I think. I always have an idea of how things should look in my head, but the scale throws me off. A measuring tape would help, but I’d still foul it up. So it’s a matter of give and take. So here are a few preliminary sneak peeks. There’s still art to be hung, curtains to be hung, the living and dining rooms to arrange, drapes to be made–oh yeah, stay tuned for MKA’s foray into drape-making, and much more to come. But before we left Friday, I got to fold my pretty blue and green towels and place them in my dreamy new master bath, and gaze out my non-impact rated windows at a gorgeous sunny Tybee day. Not a bad week’s work. And when I stop whining long enough, I really do know how blessed we are to have this place of escape and relaxation. Now, if I could just get rid of this case of crud.

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  1. How very exciting! And what a special place to have a cottage. I wish you the best in your new home. Lovin’ the thrifty finds too.

  2. My wonderful mister has decided to give me and a couple of my friends a trip to Tybee for the weekend for my birthday. I am looking for a cottage to rent that is close to shopping and restaurants, (but especially Seaside Sisters). Tried looking at the map but can’t really figure out where Seaside Sisters is. I’m challenged that way. My husband bought me a GPS for Christmas. I love it. Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. BeBe–you DO have a wonderful sister. Run, don’t walk to they have the cutest rentals on the island, email diane and tell her what you’re looking for. everything on the island is within biking distance. my girlfriends and i had a chick weekend at key lime cottage last year and loved it. have fun!

  4. I think that you definately found the perfect shade of pink for your front door…it’s kind of like hibiscus/pink lemonade and it looks really good. And I love the room with the twin beds.

  5. thanks so much. I will run now and check out the cottages that you recommended. My sister will be with us but it actually is my wonderful husband who is footing the bill.

  6. Congratulations!!
    I wish for you many happy memories in your new beach house!
    Love the decor! It’s almost exactly what I would do if I was so fortunate as to have a beach house. 🙂

  7. Love it .. it looks just like I’d want it too. In fact, do the colors coordinate perfectly with a very popular book I’ve read by a wonderful deal-snatching junker????

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Now, get on those edits so we have a new MKA to read soon!

  8. The Breeze is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I read all of your books last summer and just fell in love with you and the books. (It has almost killed me waiting for the next one in June!)

    I have not kept up with your blog, but this morning was surfing to find The Breeze Inn!!! Oh how in love I am ! It is great!!!! Was this a purchase before or after the books or inspiration for the books?

    I hope you find great times there with your family. Will have to check out the mermaid cottage for a rental. Maybe one day I can set my eyes on The Breeze Inn for real 🙂

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