Savannah Book Festival–Y’all Come!

Please join me in the most beautiful city in America, Savannah, Ga., for the second annual Savannah Book Festival, Feb. 6-8. Last year’s debut festival was so much fun it shoulda been illegal, and the organizers have even better stuff up their sleeves this year. You can hear Southern humorist Roy Blount (author of my favorite poem about broccoli) at a Friday night keynote concert. I’ll be winging it Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Trinity Church sanctuary–I guess that means I’ll have to watch my phraseology–and more than 40 other wonderful authors of fiction and non-fiction will be speaking throughout the weekend. And did I mention that you can still buy a ticket to the Sunday brunch catered by The Lady & Sons and featuring as guest speaker a little lady known as Paula Deen? Lawd! Can you stand it? Go here for all the details. and tell ’em Mary Kay Andrews sent you.

6 thoughts on “Savannah Book Festival–Y’all Come!”

  1. I would have loved to attend this,as I agree Savannah is the most beautiful place around and Paula Deen is the best but I’m already set to attend “Murder In The Magic City”. I hope everyone has a great time and I will catch you one day on tour!

  2. I agree,Savannah is the MOST gorgeous city in the world! Hubby and I went there last Feb. and then on to Charleston but Savannah is my favorite.

    I could not believe when I saw on Eddie’s blog that you were at Scott’s…I wish I had known because I would have trampled over the herd to get your autograph….you are my absolute favorite writer. My 89 year old mom “introduced” me to your books last summer and after ready Hissy Fit, I ran out and bought 3 more of your books!

    Hoping to make one of your speaking engagements and maybe one day meet you (daughter and I are going back to Scotts in April).


    P.S. Please visit my blog at when you get a chance.

  3. I saw her on Leno the other night and thought. Wouldn’t she be a hoot to hang out with and God love her you would never be hungry.

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