Duke’s Mayo is the Spread for Me!

And now, as though life isn’t exciting enough, comes word from our friends at Duke Mayonnaise that they want our help in choosing the winner of their jingle contest! Here’s the email I received this weekend:

Hi Mary Kay,
Thanks so much for sharing the news about Duke’s jingle contest on your blog! We’ve narrowed it down to two finalists and would like you and your readers’ opinions on which best describes “The Secret of Great Southern Cooks.” Can you help us out?

You can listen and vote at http://www.dukesmayo.com/jingle.asp .

Of course, I wrote them back immediately and told them where to send my case of Duke’s Mayonnaise–the secret of Great Southern Cooks.

If this payola scheme of mine works out, look for future blogs about Godiva chocolates, Kate Spade handbags, Mercedes-Benz, Mitchell-Gold sofas and Talbott’s.

3 thoughts on “Duke’s Mayo is the Spread for Me!”

  1. My daughter (who is also a Mary Kay fan) lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA where you cannot get Dukes. Of course, having grown up on Dukes, you can’t make potato salad without it, she picks several jars up when she visits Madison, GA. I have wrapped Dukes in clothes, I’m sure they’ve seen worse at the aiport screeners and I’ve even shipped it Fed ex to her when she has absolutely run out. We love Dukes.

  2. I too can not get Dukes. I actually begged a friend of mine new to the south to buy a case and UPS it to me all expenses paid. Instead I got a case of Hellman’s. She obviously did not get the whole “Duke’s” thing. Now go make some chicken salad with some Dukes. I’ll just sit here and be envious.

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