Sneak Peek

The worst part about coming home from a buying trip is the un-loading and un-packing. The fun part is the hunt, and then the fluffing. After a 14-hour drive Friday–much of it through driving rain, Beth and I made it back to Raleigh, and then I drove another six hours to get home to Atlanta Saturday afternoon. Today I unpacked my treasures. So, here’s a sneak peek at some of the goodies. The quilt has wonderful colors and detailed quilting, but the red dyes in old fabrics frequently made the fabric weak, so the red stars have some wear. Still, the wonderful red, white and blue colors and the graphic appeal of the stars would look wonderful as a wall hanging, or even folded at the foot of a bed or in a cupboard. I fell hard for the vintage Georgia and Georgia Tech pennants, which are framed, and you can see a representative assortment of other stuff too. Not shown is the great pink and white quilt, which is being laundered with Oxy-Clean. I don’t know what’s in that stuff, but I swear, it works wonders. Two weeks ago, a friend’s son knocked over a full glass of red wine on the sisal rug in the living room. She brought over a steam cleaner to try to clean it, but it only turned the wine stains black. The next day, I gave it two applications of spray-on Oxy-clean, and voila–the stains disappeared. Also not shown is the wicker highchair, which is a work in progress. It’s Heywood-Wakefield, complete with worn label on the underside. I’m painting it Seaside Green, and then it’ll get a vintage barkcloth seat cushion. The three-panel cottage screen will also undergo a transformation, with a new paint job and some shirred fabric. I’ll try to post them when my projects are completed. As usual, I’m torn this week–between getting my Brimfield goodies priced and ready to take down to Seaside Sisters–and writing. But writing must win. Mustfinishbookmustfinishbookmustfinishbookmustfinish….

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek”

  1. Mary Kay,
    Will you let me know when you are going to the Sisters again? I see several things in your photo’s I would love to see up close and personal and perhaps buy for my cottage here on Amelia Island.

    Are you going to cover the icky green on the little table? Perhaps,a nice cream would just compliment the sleek woodtones.

    And what are the little dishes sitting on the table. I can just see a peek of blue along the edge. Blue willow butter pats?
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Genie. I’m hoping to head down to tybee this weekend. in answer to your questions, i’m not planning on painting the wicker table, because i kinda like the green, altho a buyer certainly could. those blue plates are four english blue willow doll plates–very unusual “grill plates” which are the sorta diner divided plates. i’ve never seen miniature ones like them before.

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