Summer Rental Book Tour…Starting Now

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, standing here, outside your door…Shades of Peter, Paul and Mary! I’m off for the big Summer Rental book tour any minute now. Just one problem, severe over-package, and I’m not talking about the Anthony Weiner situation. Over the weekend, daughter Katie, my personal shopper, in-house fashion expert and event coordinator, came over and selected my tour wardrobe. But only after rejecting most of my beloved clothing staples. Those faded denim capris? “Mom jeans,” she said with a sneer. The black linen top I love? “Not summery.” The Anthropologie necklace I bought to wear with my new silk top? “Cute but no match.”

Sigh. And she wrested my favorite faded black yoga pants away from me and took them to her house–just in case I got any ideas about fishing them out of the trash! I tell you, the kid is relentless. She put accessories with outfits, and even photographed them with my cell phone just in case I have any accessorization dilemmas.

Summer packing poses a problem for me. The rest of the year when I travel, I just throw in the afore-mentioned yoga pants, some other black pants and a couple sweaters. Also black airport shoes. Gotta have my easy-off airport shoes. I may look like Viola Swamp, but I’m comfy.

But in the summertime, I have to pack lighter colors. Linen. You know how linen wrinkles. And white or khaki pants–which are stain magnets for me. And cute shoes.

And jewelry. And make-up. Don’t want to scare my readers, right?

And then there’s the matter of all those cords and chargers for my electronic gizmoes.

But I think I’m finally there. And here’s the thing. I’m excited. Truly. It’s been two years since The Fixer-Upper came out, which is way too long. My pulse is racing, and not just from the two Diet Cokes I had for breakfast. I love travelling (especially on my publisher’s dime), love seeing the country, love junking along the way, (UPS is my friend) and most of all, I love meeting readers and booksellers.

So if you live in Mt. Pleasant, SC, Raleigh, NC, Fairhope, Alabama, Houston, Chicago, Cape Cod, The Jersey Shore, The Outer Banks, or Atlanta, I’d love it if you’d drop by one of my book-signings to say hi. Just don’t tell Katie if you see me wearing that black linen top with the wrong necklace.

8 thoughts on “Summer Rental Book Tour…Starting Now”

  1. Now, that’s more like it! The site is great…looking very ‘summery’ and cool. Have fun on your book-signing tour. And from what I can tell, you’re going to look great! Have fun!!

  2. My daughters tell me that i fell off the fashion train, i honestly don’t think i ever got on it. Can’t wait for my copy of Summer Rental to be here, maybe tomorrow, Have a great tour, i love to travel also.

  3. I am having trouble with your new set up but then what else is new, I keep two grand kids on a daily basis? I forgot a dinner date for tonight and went out to dinner with another couple? BUT I did receive my notice from Amazon that my book is on its way……………….YA HOO!

  4. Hi. I live in Raleigh, NC and am coming to your signing tomorrow night. I am super excited and even bringing my neighbor friend, who I let borrow a couple of your books. I love your writing! I have read Little Bitty Lies and have almost all your other books that I’m dying to read. I just wanted you to know I am so very anxious about meeting you, hearing what you have to say, and your new book!

  5. Your Katie sounds like my Blair…. our personal little fashionistas …. don’t you wonder how we dressed before they grew up and started telling us how?!? I’m in Columbia — wish I could make it to Mt Pleasant — would love to have met you. My copy of Summer Rental arrived today and it is absolutely killing me not to open it up and become one with the couch until it’s finished. Since you mentioned Fixer-Upper… how are Dempsey and the lovely Birdsong? Any more adventures in home renovation with her in our future? Enjoy your book tour — and the junking too!

  6. I LOVE your books. I have all of them! Such wonderful and easy reading. Once I start, I cannot stop!
    I love the way you are so descriptive! Thank you for giving me a few moments each day to unwind with your characters….
    I have been writing since elementary school and worked as a newspaper editor for 9 years. However, I can only wish that I were as talented a writer as you.
    Bravo! Wonderful books!

  7. Hello Ms. Andrews,

    Yawn’s Books and More would love to have you come in for a book signing and chat with the audience. Would you please let me know if and when you are available? We would be honored to have you visit our store. Thank you again.

    Stacy Yawn
    [email protected]

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