That sinking feeling

Irushed back from the mountains last Thursday because it was early shopper day at Scott’s Antique Market–and I definitely qualify as an early shopper. As I drove into the parking lot at the South building, I spotted it–a jadeite green sink almost exactly like this one pictured. It practically screamed beach house–so I sprinted (well, ok maybe not exactly sprinted) hurried? over to check it out, and it quickly became mine for a hundred bucks. The one pictured here was one I found online at a antique salvage shop–and it sold for $750, so I’m feeling pretty smug about my green jewel. Mine came out of a beauty parlour in New Hampshire. It doesn’t have the spray attachment this one has, but it has a slot for one. Of course, now I’m jonesing for a jadeite green toilet, but have very little hope of finding one in decent condition. So I’ll probably just settle for a white toilet, with the green sink as a “statement” in the downstairs bath. That statement will be–“I was bought by a crazy woman. She is the kind of person who will pry old windows out of an 80-year-old house in hundred degree heat. She is the kind of person who trolls ebay and craigslist for hours on end when she should be writing her next book. She is the kind of person who is seriously considering a trip to Eugenia’s Antique Hardware in Chamblee, Ga.–because on their website they have a photo of a jadeite green porcelain toothbrush holder. She is the kind of person who, even now, is pining for a TURQUOISE vintage electric stove she found on Ebay. She is the kind of person who would, given any encouragement, bid on this stove, sight unseen, and then drive to Gawdknowswhere, Michigan to try to stuff it in the back of her under-sized SUV. This woman needs help!

4 thoughts on “That sinking feeling”

  1. I completely and totally understand from whince you come. I too am a scavenger of vintage fittings for the home. I am the woman who completely dismantled and reassembled complete with new insulation and gaskets a 1948 fire engine red Chambers gas range. I was so in love with this stove that I had to hire 4 strong young men to carry it into my house. I have since left my ex and my stove. Oh how I cried, over the stove. My next quest is for a vintage farm sink. One of the big tubs of a sink for my kitchen.

  2. A ’48 red chambers stove?!! I can see leaving the husband, but you shoulda poisoned him or sumthin’ and kept the stove. just kiddin’?

  3. What an excellent score – $100 bucks?!Very nice. I’ve been feeling a little obsessive about vintage fixtures, especially lighting right, so I purposely avoided going to Scott’s over the weekend. It would have been too tempting! On the other hand, Eugenia’s is one of my favorite places in the city; any time is a good time to check out their wares! Have fun!

  4. Hold on a second…”This woman” needs to hurry up and finish her novel and write a nonfiction book about junking! You’ve got a reader right here.

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