The Fixer-Upper: Stick a fork in me—I’m DONE!

I am beyond thrilled and amazed to announce that I finished THE FIXER-UPPER at 4:55 p.m. EDT today. Yayayayayay! As has been my tradition upon finishing a book–and this is my 18th time–I toasted myself with some favorite treats. Usually, I wash my celebratory Reese’s down with Wink, the delightful grapefruit soda of my youth. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the bottle of Wink I’ve been hoarding since spring, for the trip to Tybee. The Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon made a tasty substitute, but it just ain’t Wink.
Tragically, you can no longer buy Wink in Georgia, because I guess they don’t have a distributor down here. I bought my bottle of Wink back in the spring, when I was on my writing retreat at Holden Beach with the Inksters. Anyway, here’s to me! Technically, of course, I’m far from finished with THE FIXER UPPER. The manuscript you see in the photo here is not a pretty thing. It is a bloated disgusting mess at this point, full of pointless meanderings, shoddy grammar, nonexistent punctuation and worse. Fortunately, I have the honor of having an amazing editor at HarperCollins, who is even now sharpening her red pencil in preparation for whipping this beast into shape. Here’s to Carolyn! Burp. Excuse me. That’s the bourbon talking, not me. Soon Carolyn will have me slaving away over revisions, slashing thru the excess and the absurd. And then comes the fun part. We figure out zingy candy colors for the jacket. We finalize the jacket art and talk about marketing this puppy. And I get about 27 minutes off, until I start all over again on a new book. Oh the horror! Oh the sublime, blessed joy of making a living off what you love to do. Thank you, dear readers, for making it all possible.

7 thoughts on “The Fixer-Upper: Stick a fork in me—I’m DONE!”

  1. I well remember Wink! My favorite beverage for many years, in Augusta, and then we moved to Knoxville and couldn’t find it any more. I didn’t know they still make it! I had forgotten about it until I read your column.

    I have now searched and you can buy it on there! Amazing.

    Can’t wait to read your new book!

  2. Yes, I am awaiting your next release with baited breath or is it baited breast or is it bated breath? Could you ask your editor? 😉

    Wow now what are you going to do with all your “free” time?

  3. I loved Wink as a kid, too! You can’t get it in western New York, anymore, either. Bummer.

    I’m coming up on finishing my latest book. Unlike you, though, it’s not bloated. It’s 16,000 words short! Yikes! At least I have five weeks to figure out another subplot. (Either that or type “The quick brown fox …” many, many times.)

    Can’t wait to read the Fixer-Upper! I love anything and everything related to home improvement and can’t wait to read your take on it. (I love HGTV — good thing it doesn’t come with my cable package or I’d never sleep.)

  4. I can’t wait for The Fixer-Upper to be out and you get to come back to Birmingham for a book signing!! I have been giving out copies of the Savannah series lately to friends who hadn’t discovered them yet. They are loved by all.

  5. I have read all your books and have recently started on the Cathy Hogan Trocheck but have to admit I miss the southern charm. Go you finishing up the Fixer Upper this month I knew you wanted to but wasn’t sure if you would do it! I can’t wait to read it! I have been passing out the Savahana books to friends and getting them hooked. Keep up the great writing…it feels great to read and book and actually laugh out loud because it is so funny. ps I too thought wink was no longer in the stores…interesting.

  6. Congrats on finishing your book! I’ve noticed you DID get the KING SIZED candy bar for your celebration! Good Girl! Can’t wait to read the book!

  7. The Fixer Upper was a real page turner. I finished it in 3 days. Great writing, I was hooked! I can't wait to go and get more of Mary Kay's books.

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