Tour de Force

Still-life of my night-stand, minus Diet Coke can

Newly painted wicker

Katie’s room with Tacky Jacky bedskirt

Dining room table

Birdbath with Japanese Fishing Float

So…The Breeze Inn was featured on the Tybee Tour of Homes this past Saturday. Diane, of Mermaid Cottages, who manages our house for us, said, “Your house is perfect. You don’t need to do a thing.” Hah! Famous last words. You see, I am the girl who doesn’t just gild the lily. No. I spray-paint it gold, sprinkle it with glitter and surround it with scented candles. Can’t help myself. That’s just how I roll. Which meant that Mr. MKA and I came down to Tybee last Tuesday to “fluff”. And I decided I would also have a “big-ass attic sale” at Seaside Sisters to jettison the last of my beach-house hoard at the same time as the tour. Also a book signing. We fluffed like mad. I scrubbed and re-painted all the wicker on the back porch. My dear friend Tacky Jacky sewed up a storm. The mister and Boomerang Boy fluffed the yard and cleaned out the shed and carport and took numerous loads of stuff to the dump. The mister and Boomerang Boy and buddy Michael also took numerous loads of hoarded antiques to Seaside Sisters. And I fluffed some more. And flung a lot of stuff into closets and hidey-holes. I think I was still flinging at 10 am. Saturday when two nice ladies from Ohio pulled into the yard and announced the tour was on! The tour went well. The sale went well. About 400 people tromped through our house. They asked if I actually write books on the antique typewriter on my desk. Uh, no. That’s just for looks. I write books on my laptop, which was shoved into a hidey-hole. They asked if we really actually stayed in the house. Uh, yeah. Thus all the dirty laundry shoved into aforementioned hidey-hole. They asked about the delicious iced tea we served on the porch. It’s called Arnold Palmer Lite, made by Arizona Tea, sold by the gallon at Publix. They asked why we didn’t rake up the oak leaves in the backyard. Uh, cuz it’s mulch. That’s how we roll at the beach. And now, I have to dig out all the stuff I hid in the closets. And pack it up, and move on. And finish a book. See ya.

6 thoughts on “Tour de Force”

  1. The Big-Ass Attic Sale was a huge success! Still have the turquoise wicker table, just in case anybody's interested!

  2. Wow that looks exactly how i pictured it in the book Savannah Breeze! I just read that and finished it in a day and then went back to the library and just finished reading Deep Dish. These books are fabulous! Cant wait to read more!!

  3. Your cottage is lovely but how about writing us another fabulous new book. I'm wearing out Amazon checking for hints of something new coming to the bookshelf near me. Not that I'm pushing you or anything 😉

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