Vintage Beach Pix

Pretty maids all in a row–maybe at the Jersey shore?

Love these three–especially the Al Capone type on the right with the dangling cigarette!

For a couple of years now, I’ve been hoarding vintage black and white beach snapshots. My collection started with a snap of my mother, at the age of 17 or 18, standing on the Pass-A-Grille Beach in our hometown of St. Petersburg, for a small-time modelling gig she did around 1950. As children, we always believed she’d been Miss America! Then I found some old snaps of distant relatives from the 1920s on the beach, and my collection had a name. A few of them really are family, but most are of total strangers. Last summer in Franklin, Tenn., I bought the cutest framed snapshot of what looks like a 1920s shot of orphans at the beach. Adorable! Then I bought a few more in August, at Brimfield. My friend Beth, who buys fine English and French antiques, thought I was nuts, but I love ’em. I just got the above two pix in the mail that I bought off eBay, and then there are the other two are the ones I bought at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on Sunday. I’ve seen lots of great vintage beach snaps on Flickr, but I’m such a techno-dweeb, I can’t tell if it’s possible to download and print these, or buy them or what. Anybody know? In the meantime, enjoy these, without getting any sand in your shoes.

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  1. Love these! And it is such a fun idea. As for flickr, you can grab them by right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. Since you are not using them for anything other than a personal use and the original owners of the rights will never be aware of it, there are really no rights issues. They might be small so it’s possible they’ll look bad enlarged to 5×7 but you can give it a shot. Also, check ebay. I saw some cool ones on there ranging in price from 99ยข to $5.

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