Yes We Did

I’ve deliberately stayed away from politics on this blog. I’m a novelist, not a pundit. I write for pure entertainment and cheap laughs are what I’m selling. But last night, when I was watching the election returns in bed, beside the sleeping Mr. Mary Kay, this is what I felt like. Tears running down my face. My late father–bless his heart–(as we say here in the South) was first generation Irish-American from the Southside of Chicago. With a name like John Patrick Hogan–this is no surprise. When I was a child he was a Kennedy Democrat, who late in life, morphed into a Reagan Republican, W-stalwart and dedicated Hilary Hater. At midnight, I was watching the celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park. I nudged MMK and asked him “you hear that sound?”
“What?”he asked groggily. “That sound. That’s the sound of my dad, spinning in his grave at the thought of a black man from the southside of Chicago being elected president. And I helped.”
OK, that’s it. I swear, no more politics. But peeps, I gotta be me.

5 thoughts on “Yes We Did”

  1. M.K. those earthquakes they have been having in Dallas is my grandfather rolling in his. It is a different day and time. I did not vote for Obama but I do respect him. I am ready now to see what he can do and I truely hope he can create the change we need.

  2. Yes, this country “did”. they voted racially. They voted for free handouts. they voted for socialism. they voted for liberals. they voted to lose their freedoms. McCain served and was tortured for his country. b. hussein o. has associated with liberals, terrorists, his preacher, GOD DAMN AMERICA (doesn’t that just make you so proud). As for me being a fan of your books? no longer. hear that sound? it was your books going in the trash can.

  3. WOW,Patriot has some real issues and what a sad person they are. If they can’t divide there views from a person who writes great fiction for pleasure. What a small minded person they are. The country spoke last nite in HUGE numbers. And I wouldn’t speak to the negative of the Rep. campaign.I believe we elected a great man last night…PERIOD. So M.K. I stand behind you 1000% and would never throw out anyone’s books because I don’t agree with who they voted for….

  4. Obviously Patriot hasn’t learned two important things the rest of the country learned from the election. First, courtesy counts. There’s no need to smear an opponent with lies, innuendo, and scare tactics in order to make your point unless, of course, you don’t have a point. Second, manners matter. Look at the differences in the response from the crowd at McCain’s small concession speech and the huge crowd at Obama’s acceptance speech. The Chicago crowd was respectful. The McCain crowd didn’t even respect their candidate enough to allow him to make his points.

    By the way, even though Patriot says she won’t buy your books anymore, I’ll pick up the slack and buy two copies–one for me and one for the Hospice Library. Gee. Do we count that as community service or a hand out?

    Now Patriot has a chance to experience what the rest of us have been feeling for the last 4 years. Turnabout is fair play. Oh. I forgot. You don’t believe in that either.

    I love all your books, Mary Kay, under both names. Write on!

  5. I guess I’ll take up where Patriot left off and buy more of your books too! I just discovered them, and I read them all in a week. Love them! Thanks for writing.

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