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Well, we’re officially a month into the New Year. The national news reports say that Punxatawney Phil has predicted another six weeks of winter. But down here in Georgia, we’re choosing to listen to our own resident groundhog, Gen. Beauregard Lee, who says spring is just around the corner. But back to those resolutions. How’re we doing? In January, I ran a contest in my newsletter asking readers to tell me what you were resolving to change for 2010. I wanted to know because I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with resolutions over the years. I figured maybe my readers could teach me a thing or two.

And you did! This was by far the most popular contest we’ve run yet, with triple the number of entries from the previous contest. But as the entries came in, I started to worry that we were all being a bit too self-critical. Because really, who doesn’t hate the size of their butt? Okay, maybe Kate Moss, who famously said “nothing tastes as good as skinny looks.” Hate her! But then I got an entry from Beth, who said her goal for the year is “to try not being so hard on myself.” Amen, Sister Beth.

Your responses ran the gamut from heartfelt to funny, and inspirational. Of course there were those entries about wanting to shed extra pounds. Kimmy sent me an itemized list–1. Lose weight. 2.Be more patient. 3.Get through school. We can all relate, Kimmy. Just be sure to be patient with yourself. Speaking of patience, several of you told me of your desire to keep calm and carry on, as the saying goes. Charity is hoping for “A Return to Graciousness,” and thanks to Heather’s resolution to “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick,” her kids now know she means business when she does NOT raise her voice. A couple of readers wrote me very personal notes about challenges they were facing. Jane is looking forward to getting involved with her step-grandchildren now that their mother is in jail, and mourning the loss of her mother to the end stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, so she’s vowing to savor each moment of the day while she can. Elizabeth has ended an abusive relationship and is planning to treat herself with a trip to Savannah. After losing one pregnancy, Mandie is overjoyed to be looking forward to the birth of her first child in May. A couple of you told me you’re reinventing yourself after job losses. I’ve reinvented my ownself more than once, so I can tell you that this is such an exciting (and scary) process. My niece Sarah told me that she and nine friends came up with “Ten for 2010”–a list of resolutions that involves trying new things–and reading new books. Love this idea! I gave her HISSY FIT to start off with.

There were a couple resolutions I couldn’t get behind, however. Restrict adult beverages to weekends? Clean more? Read less? Not me! Given the choice, I’d rather go with readers like Antoinette and Vivian, who resolved to make no resolutions at all.

So, who’s the winner? As usual, I could not pick just one. So two of you will receive autographed copies of BLUE CHRISTMAS. Martha Quinn is so tried of failed resolutions that she is picking twelve from past years and tackling one per month. Martha, do let us know how you make out with your dirty dozen. And then there’s DeDe Woodling, whose resolution gave me a much-needed laugh on a chilly winter day. DeDe has resolved to be more like her dog. We can all take something from her goals: to love unconditionally, forgive easily, feel the sun on her face, and run like the wind while she still can. Go, DeDe, go! Congratulations to Martha and DeDe and happy reading to you and everybody else.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last resolution from a reader named Carolyn who simply stated, “Laugh more, worry less.” Words to live by, indeed.

5 thoughts on “Be It Resolved”

  1. Mary Kay thanks for sharing this! Great ideas and thoughts. This year is my year of Growth as I have lost my job and soon will turn 60. Who knows what is waiting for me around the corner. I just have to remain open to all the possibilities!

  2. Mary Kay, I'm so appreciative of your generosity and still in shock that you thought my resolution was worth an autographed copy of "Blue Christmas." Thank you so much. I just want you to know, up front, that I will re-visit each of the twelve resolutions but knowing me they will remain fantasies. One I can make and continue to keep is to keep reading Mary Kay. What fun and thanks again. Martha

  3. I just finished reading "Blue Christmas". I loved it. Never a dull page in the book. I wish I was friends with BeBe and Weezie. They are great. I have also read "Itty Bitty Lies" and "Savannah Blues". I really enjoy your story lines. I have just started to read "Savannah Breeze". Your books bring a bright spot to my day. Thanks.

  4. Mary Kay,

    Thanks for the good words about my resolutions and I'm glad they brought you a chuckle or two…just hope I can do them justice. I'm looking forward to Blue Christmas since it is the only book you've written, other than Hissy Fit, that I have not yet read. I feel certain it will be a delightful read and will keep me thoroughly entertained, just as your other books have done. Thanks very much…DeDe

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