Molly’s Special Day

Molly’s christening cup–with pink roses

This past Sunday dawned sunny and beautiful. And pink. Because it was Molly’s christening day. Pink tulips by the front door, pink quince blossoms on the sideboard, a big silver punch bowl full of pink hydrangeas on the dining room table and antique silver christening cups full of pink roses scattered around the house. There were pink iced cupcakes, pink jellybeans, even pink M&Ms. And a very pink-cheeked, radiant little girl named Molly who was christened into our faith. The star of the day, Miss Molly, seemed to know it was an important occasion. She laughed and cooed and gurgled all day long, allowing many, many kisses and admiring looks.

Molly’s “in the pink” centerpiece

Her Missouri grandmother’s dear friend Kaye hand-crafted the most amazing confection of a frilly, lace-frosted christening dress and cap, just for Molly. It will be a family keepsake, and Molly was honored to be the first to wear it.

Presenting Miss Molly, in all her christening day finery

Grandma Jane–(she is GiGi, I am KiKi), flew in for the festivities, as did Molly’s godfather Zack, who is Mark’s childhood friend. Katie’s cousin Sarah, who was her maid-of-honor, flew up from Florida for the big day, and one of Katie’s oldest friends, Kristin, who was also in the wedding, stood up as Molly’s godmother, which was only fair since Katie is godmother to Kristin’s daughter Lydia Grace. Katie and Kristin and Carolyn, the third member of their best-friend trio have been friends since parochial school days.

Msgr. Lopez, aka Padre, Molly, Kristin and Zack

One reason Molly didn’t get christened any earlier was that Katie wanted a very special priest to baptize Molly. Monsignor Lopez was the school chaplain at Katie’s high school, and a much-loved teacher by everybody who graduated from St. Pius X high school for the past many years. “Padre” as the kids call him, has an unbelievably busy schedule, so we just waited until he had a free afternoon to do the honors. And he was so worth the wait, performing such a warm and tender ceremony that there really wasn’t a dry eye in the little St. Pius chapel.

Molly, Mark and Katie apres christening
In preparing for the festivities, I managed to dig out a photo from Katie’s own christening, nearly 28 years ago, in Savannah. Our then parish priest, Father Boland, did the honors. Guess what, he’s the bishop of Savannah now. And as you can see, Katie and I favored pink even back then.

Tom and I at Katie’s christening 28 years ago–with Bishop Boland
Afterwards, of course, we had a party at our house. The menu was unabashedly girlie in Molly’s honor; our special chicken salad (Beyond the Grave Chicken Salad-from LITTLE BITTY LIES) on mini-croissants, cold asparagus with vinaigrette dressing, Aunt Jeanne’s pickled shrimp, fresh fruit skewers, devilled eggs, and the afore-mentioned cupcakes from our neighborhood bakery, Sweet n’ Sinful.

Three generations celebrate Molly’s happy day
Molly was passed from arm to arm, and cousins and aunts and uncles and neighbors and old friends gathered around and enjoyed the afternoon, while pink candles flickered on the dining room table, and a fire crackled in the living room fireplace. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, or a sweeter reason to celebrate!

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  1. Beautiful day indeed! I remember both my children's baptisim's like they were yesterday and have pictures that look very similar to these. Thanks for sharing this special day.

  2. Sounds like you were in Molly heaven! I think it's great that you wrote everything down in detail. What a treasure for her to read when she gets older. Your love for her shines through your words. I also want to add that I've made your chicken salad recipe and, as it is aptly named, it is to die for. Best wishes!

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