Blatant Self-Promotion by a Brazen Hussy

The new, improved edition of BLUE CHRISTMAS should start appearing in stores tomorrow. Which means you should all run right out and buy a dozen or so for your nearest, dearest, friends, relatives, book club buddies, carpool partners, bunko pals, ect. You can see the new improved jacket above.

Even if you bought BLUE CHRISTMAS last year, you should still go out and buy it again this year. Why, you ask? The most obvious answer to this question is that you should buy it so that I can make a quick buck. But wait, there’s more! This year’s edition of BLUE CHRISTMASis new and improved, with added, original material penned by moi.

The exact nature of this new material is top secret stuff, but trust me, you’ll enjoy it. And the re-issue gives me an excuse to go off on book tour again, which means fresh opportunities for subsidized junking. Subsidized junking is a term I just this minute made up. It means that my publisher, HarperCollins, flies me around the country and puts me up in much nicer hotels than I could afford on my own. And in between the scheduled book signings, I skip around from town to town, and junk. And then I take all this fresh-picked junk down to my booth at SEASIDE SISTERS ANTIQUES on Tybee Island, and sell it to unsuspecting junk-lovers. What’s in it for you, dear reader? As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win-win situation for everybody. Harper gets me out on the road, selling books and meeting and greeting fans. Mary Kay scams some free nights in cool hotels, does some junking, and oh yeah, meets and greets fans and autographs books. You, dear reader, get to buy a fun book and get me to autograph it. Also, we exchange confidential information about hot junking spots, memories of dysfunctional holiday family reunions, and recipes for highly fattening foods. What’s not to love about that?

Your first formal opportunity to schmooze and buy books comes up this Sunday, at the Kingsport Women’s Expo in Kingsport,Tenn. I’ll be there from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Watch this space for upcoming appearances, and, of course, you can always check my website at for the full schedule, and to sign up for the ultra-cool HarperCollins function which will automatically ALERT you to new books and signings.

2 thoughts on “Blatant Self-Promotion by a Brazen Hussy”

  1. Hey, I saw a poster about your book signing at Borders in Snellville. I didn’t get the date!

    Mary Marvella

  2. Hi Mary Marvella. I’ll be at the Snellville Borders on Weds. Oct. 24th at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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