Bonneville–The Movie

Tonight Mr. Mary Kay and I attended a sneak preview of a wonderful movie. It’s called
BONNEVILLE, and it stars Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Joan Allen, Tom Skerritt, and Christine Baranski. Jessica Lange plays Arvilla, a new widow living in Pocatello, Idaho, faced with a dilemma–does she scatter her late husband’s ashes, per his wishes, or return them to her resentful (and uptight) step-daughter for burial in Santa Barbara. Arvilla hijacks her two best friends, played by the always amazing Kathy Bates, and Joan Allen, who plays a good little Mormon girl tempted by everything from coffee to a Vegas slot machine. The women take Arvilla’s late husband’s ’66 Bonneville on the roadtrip of a lifetime. BONNEVILLE has virtually no naked boobies, blood splatter, high explosives, androids, or cyborgs. Will Farrell and Luke Wilson, not to mention Owen Wilson (i can’t tell ’em apart) are nowhere to be seen. It’s a lovely movie about three middle-aged women facing the next chapter in their lives. You should go. Right now it’s only being screened in select places, but if enuf people go, they’ll put it into wider distribution, and maybe the people who make movies will make MORE movies not involving plots that revolve around cyborgs and high explosives and Will Farrell. Not that I’m against those things. I just think we could maybe see some movies without those devices once in a while.

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