Early Review for DEEP DISH

An online publication called Romance Reviews Today sent me a nice advance review for DEEP DISH, which I thought I’d share. And it wasn’t even written by my Aunt Alice!

DEEP DISH – Mary Kay AndrewsHarper Collins (Hardcover)ISBN: 978-0-06-08376-5March 2008Contemporary RomanceGeorgia, Present DayGina Foxton hosts a cooking show on Georgia Public Television called Fresh Start, dedicated to the idea of healthy Southern cooking using the freshest ingredients. The season’s filming is nearly done when Gina finds some unpleasant changes in the show — experienced crew replaced by newcomers, and cheaper ingredients substituted in her recipes. Gina is furious and confronts Scott Zaleski, the producer and her boyfriend, about what is happening. An angry discussion reveals that their sponsor, Tastee-Town, has withdrawn their advertising dollars, dropping the show. A separate conversation with a crewmember reveals more — Scott was caught in a compromising position with the wife of the owner of Tastee-Town. Faced with the loss of everything she has worked for, Gina agrees to go along with Scott one last time; she will participate in a cooking contest sponsored by the Cooking Channel. The winner will host their newest show on Southern cooking.Tate Moody, host of Vittles, a hunting, fishing, and cooking show, is her only competition. Tate is more serious competition than she realizes; he is a hunky outdoorsman who can really cook, making him very popular with the fans who watch his local show, as well as a definite distraction to Gina. Their competition is held on Eutaw Island, and they will have to dig up, hunt, or fish for anything they cook. Tate has been on Eutaw Island before, but Gina has more determination and ability than anyone suspects. What seems like an easy win for Tate, the experienced hunter, is complicated by the fact that he is more attracted to Gina every day.DEEP DISH is a bright, breezy and humorous story full of Southern charm, and with a few touches of big city wit provided by secondary characters. Ms. Andrews has drawn on her Southern roots to provide a believable set of characters and a setting that rings true. The small, primitive island on which the competition is held throws the two likable characters into close proximity, but they don’t fall right into lust and bed; there is a lot of interesting detail to delight us. Even better, some of the recipes for the dishes Tate and Gina fix are at the back of the book. Who wins the competition? Pick up DEEP DISH and find out!Lisa Baca
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  1. I placed my pre-order yesterday and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s my early birthday present to myself. I’m a leap year baby, and I can’t think of anything better than to sit at the beach with one of your books and glass of iced tea!

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